Best cartridge for Breuer 8C tonearm

I had an accident with my PC-1, dropped tonearm on record-weight so that tip fell of. It has to be sent to Japan for renovation, sounds like a long waiting. It´s very expensive, doubt if my insurance company will be willing to pay that much. Had PC-1 for allmost 3 years. Now I want to try something different, more detailed/articulate in micro area. I´ve read Lyra Titan, PC-1 Supreme (can´t afford) maybe even Miyabi, might be better. For drive I use Raven One.
I heard good news from Lyra Delos here at Agon,
could that be something or isn´t needle revealing enough.
Opinions and thoughts greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!
sorry to hear about your loss.
i have an 8C with a benz micro ebony H on it and am very happy with it's speed and dynamics. i also have a breuer 5C with a benz H20 on it. that is also a fantastic combo. i can't comment on the cartridges that you mentioned as i have had no experience with them.
Hello Clabe

I also have the Breuer like you and I have used the Dynavector XV-1s, but I really do not think it is ideal for the the Breuer. I have a Miyabi 47 that I will try once my new sound room is complete.
Thomas of TW is/was very happy with the Allearts cartridges on his Breuer, and Jeff of High Water Sound likes the Ortofon Cadenza Black with his Breuer. The Ortofon is relatively affordable too. Jeff also said the Miyabi Stadard works well on the Breuer.
Dear Clabe: I like the XV-1s over the PC-1 but I agree with Pcosta not good match for the Breuer.

The VdH Colibri is very good and good match for that tonearm.

Now, these humble MM/MI cartridges are very good too and can/could work fine with the Breuer, are a lot better that what you or its low price could tell you or imagine, worth and " fun " to try it:
here the Reson Reca.

here Grado The Tribute, really good.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Hi Guys!
Thanks to your response I´m now able to narrow my search considerably on MC cartridges.
Pcosta, since we have same type of Breuer and you mention Miyabi (which I´ve also considered) is definitely on my list.
I´ve heard that Miyabi Standard/47 is not produced anymore?
My second thought is on Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron.

Many Thanks!

I just had my Miyabi rebuilt from Mr.Takeda of Miyabi in Japan and I received it in Feb/10. So if he stopped building cartridges it is news to me. Perhaps contact Sakura Systems for more info. I do know they are difficult to get in a timely manner.
Thomas and another friend use the Allaerts and are very pleased with them.
I will try contact Sakura Sytems.
There was an ad in Europe on Miyabi 47, seller told me "you can´t by these new anymore" after rejecting his offer.
How much did you pay for rebuilt and what does it entail, could be interesting if I want a second hand.

Many Thanks!
Dear Clabe: I owned the Myabi and own the Allaerts MC2 Finish gold and IMHO no one ( less the MC1. ) even the quality performance of the cartridges in the links, to beat any one of these you need to go with the Allaerts Formula One performance level.

Anyway, your call.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Sounds very interesting.
I read some good reviews on Jan Allaerts cartridges yesterday. It can also be repair/upgraded for reasonable price I find interesting, especially if it´s a keeper.

Many Thanks!

I bought Lyra Delos for listening while PC-1 was serviced in Japan.
After about 40 hours the sound opened, it´s definitely a worthy contender in its price. Detailed and nice varm sound. Sound is not as fleshy as PC-1 with more pronounced register, more live. I suspect the needle and cartridge internal resistance (less is more current with strong magnets) plays a great deal. But for less than 20% of PC-1
it´s very priceworthy, don´t think you can get anything better.
I had to make an extra weight in aluminium (instead of steel) for Breuer to get VTF correct.
I got PC-1 this monday (away for 6 weeks).

Many Thanks!
I guess, it will be not in your focus, but when you want a cartridge which is in every area a step ahead of the PC-1 (except you love your PC-1 for some reasons), my comparison with Zyx UNIverse (or some Zyx in general) was interesting. The Zyx is an easy "to go" cartridge, means, not much energy flows into the Arm. It sounds pretty real, no artifacts based on vibrations will color the sound (There is always a "interaction" with a tonearm).
Hi Syntax!
Can´t speak for Universe others then I´ve read.
Most likely it´s propably a wonderful cartridge and should be for its price. I don´t know the difference between Universe and PC-1. But I do know that I liked PC-1 as soon as I´ve heard it, it´s my cup of tea.

Many Thanks!
i have a Breuer 8b on a Brinkmann Balance and searching got a matching cartridge. Do you have tried or heard a Benz, ZYX Airy3 ... or Lyra in that combination?
i look for a musical, colorfull, well balanced sound with body and good details, but not dark or lush!
Any suggestions?