Best Cartridge for AR ES1 w/AQ PT-9 under $500

I am looking for cartride recommendations for my TT setup described above. I am using the phono stage in a Superphon Revelation going into my F-44 Forte pre and powered by a McCormack DNA-125. Phono cables are stock cheapies. Speakers are Sound Dynamics 300ti. Tara Quantum 66 ICs and Transparent Music Wave Ultra Cables. I have a Goldring 1012 on the table at present (a bit bright but pleasant). Looking at the GR 1042, Denon DL-110, and the Benz Siver. Any suggestions?
I have a ar es-1 (stock arm) and tried the Grado platinum and gr 1042 both cartridges picked up motor noise and I couldn't shake it. (At the reccomendation form the guys at sound of wood) I switched to a denon dl03-r and I was very impressed My noise problem is gone and the sound has never been beter for me. I found this cartridge at audiocubes for $259