Best cartridge for a Thorens TD-145 TT?? Nagoaka HP-500 or Audio Technica 440MLB

What would cartridge would be the most compatible and provide the best  and most musical sound in a refurbished Thorens TD-145 with standard tonearm.  Nagaoka 150, or HP 500, or Audio Technica  440MLb.... all MM cartridges.  I have an original  Rogue Sphinx integrated whose phono stage is very good but has a lower than normal mV output  Thanks

A big fan of both cartridge lines. The AT is brighter on top, with excellent mids and solid well defined bass notes. Anyone can live with them easily. 

Nagaoka is is a little different story. 
All Nagaoka's have a signature sound. They are very musical, maybe more so than the AT's are. That said, I don't think they are as accurate as the AT's. 

The Nagaoka's take a little to get used to. But once you are, you find it difficult to listen to anything else. They have superb midrange and are excellent with vocals. Bass is deep, never boomy.  The highs are natural, no shrill or hard peaks ever. I find them a very 'forgiving' cartiridge, kinda like a tube preamp is when compared with a solid state preamp. 

Either would work well with your Thorens.