Best cartridge for a Schroeder Model 2

I have read some nice threads related to the best cartridge for a Schoeder DPS or Reference. I would not hesitate and go for a Koetsu Black....

But I own a Schroeder Model 2 (the cheap version, which is already a great arm), and the calculation mass/compliance of the Koetsu Black does not fit.

What cartridge would you recommend for a Schroder Model 2 ? (I have a DPS turntable and some Audio note amps).
Get one of the new Lyra's .
Ask Frank
Do you have the Pertinax armwand or Carbon wand? Also, do you have the brass headshell available? That one adds some effective mass.

I am running a Allaerts MC1B and a Lyra Delos (backup) in mine (with Pertinax wand and Brass headshell for Allaerts and Aluminum headshell for the Delos).
I have the Carbon wand .. but do not have the brass headshell. Guess I can purchase one easily (hope it does not take 12 months !!! like the arm!!).

So looks Lyra is the recommendation ..

Thanks for that.
I have an Allaerts MC1B on my carbon Model 2. I've also used my Deccas on this arm. Lyra, ZYX, or a Dyna XV1 would be good.
On the pertinax w/brass headshell, I've used Miyabi 47, Soundsmith Shelter 901, Ortofon SPU Royal N and Kontra A. The Miyabi is sweet, of course, but they all sound good except for the SPU, which even with 6g headshell weight could probably use more.
I havce currently the Dynavector XX2 on my Schroeder N°2 ... and it is pretty good in fact.

But it is getting old and i will have to replace it. So looks the lyra choice is still a recommended option (may be the ZYX ?? why not)

I know the XX-2 pretty well and I would say the Delos is an improvement over the XX-2 in every way. Lyra willl give you a bit brighter top end compared to the XX-2 which may or may not be desired.

On the other hand if you like the Koetsu sound, I would recommend an Allaerts or Miyabi instead of the Lyra.
i'm not sure I'd like brighter top end. In reality, I love my top end .. When I listen sole female songs (like Lisa della casa in Arabella or Schwarskof in Rosenkavalier ..), I feel it great. Not too agressive.

So is the Lyra for me ??
On my pertinax, I'm currently on a Lyra Helikon SL. Wonderful match.