Best cartridge for a Denon DP-47 F

Ok. I got my "automatic" turntable - it has a new Audio-Technica 92E on it - listed on AT website as "Standard Series" with reasonable specs. I also have an old Signet TK5E but can't find the specs -I don't think it was special. Or would you not fool with either of them and buy a Denon DL-160? I'll be using a C-J Premier 7B which needs at least 1.5Mv per C-J. Tempted to try a Denon DL-103R or other low output MC but then have added expense and lack of knowledge about step-up devices. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated - anxious to start listening ASAP!
You need something that's not sensitive to hum, that has a healthy output, rides quietly in the groove, has some audiophile cred, and is largely insensitive to tonearms. Easy: the Shure V15, latest edition.
Thanks - that makes alot of sense. I've always wanted to listen to the Shure V15. Your Lenco project has given me all kinds of fun ideas for this table as well.
Steve, Geez I guess that Lenco thing is getting some attention after all. I was beginning to wonder if I should go on. And the V15 is not about flash, its about truth, and you'll come to love it. Of course, it's also very good at all that audiophile stuff, and may blow your mind from the first notes, especially the bass, which is second to none. It needs quite a lot of break-in, though. Someone gave me the website of the cheapest source of Shures, probably in the world (if they're not coming out of the trunk of someone's car), at $200, at The stylus fell off mine a while ago and I've never been the same since.
So happy to see that it is once again becoming politically correct to point out the V-15 as a moderate cost, truly high performance cartridge, for the rest of us. Enjoyable, able to track anything at its very light tracking force, and free of listener fatigue playing both audiophile, and regular vinyl.
By the way, what's with that "stylus fell off" revelation. Never happened to me, going all the way back to the dawn of modern playback with Shure cartridges, and their fiendish Audio Obstacle Course records.
Might try the Ortofon X5MC.

Can be found on street for $125, it is a true high output MC

Well, the Shure had banged down on the record, and I think the cantilever, being so stiff, simply snapped instead of flexing or bending. Then again, maybe it was a bum cartridge. Don't worry, as you point out, they have an excellent track record. Just don't bang down!
Had an X5-MC bought for $250 in 1990 - but gave it away to a friend (attached to a JVC QL-Y5F) when I upgraded. It was much better than the Signet TK5E as I recall. (Now I remember why I still have the Signet) Thanks for the suggestion.