Best cartridge for '50 / 60 mono LP

my name is Roberto, live in Venice, Italy.
Please give me a good advice for a monoaural cartridge.
Best regards from my "vintage LP mono" .
Ciao Roberto
Grado makes mono cartridges. So does Konus/Miyabi and Lyra and others. What is your budget??

The Lyra Helikon Mono lists for US $2,195.

The Grado from $80 (model MC+) to $130 (model ME+).

The other one is the Miyabi Mono for $2,500.
Good choices. I would add my favorite Denon 103C (the "C" is the conical stylus). Also the Shure cartridges can all be ordered with conical styli and the V15Vmr with one is a great choice.
Denon DL-102 mono, available for about $160 from Japan.

The various Orotofon SPU "A" mono carts would probably be superb.
Miyabi $2500 retail
KAB electroacoustics speciallizes in vintage recording transcription equipment. Kevin can help you choose the right stylus for your needs.