Hi There. I am looking forward for my next Cart that will match my TW BLACK NIGHT TT & SME V12 TONEARM. I have experience some tracking problems with my MC Anna Cart. The list below are my shortlist :

1. AIR TIGHT PC1 Supreme

The rest of the systems are :

B100 Burmester speaker , Burmester 011 preamp , 911 Burmester AMP , Rega IOS Phonostage , MIT Oracle MAX speaker cable & Interconnect , MIT Oracle Max 2 Phpno Cable. My System is on the warm side of neutral.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Cheers !
Decca Jubilee. 2nd pick would be Decca Super Gold.
Best for that combination is Nagaoka MP-500
Forgot to mention that you would need to reduce the gain on your phono stage.
Dreamaudio... elucidate the Anna tracking problem please...
You may like to consider the Lyra Atlas or Etna depending on your budget. Another superb cart , the Transfiguration Proteus. Are you happy with the phono stage ? It may be a weak link , IMO.
+1 Sunnyboy and I would add ZYX Universe 11. Enjoy the Music
I own an SME V-12 and can report that the AirTight Supreme is an excellent match. It was developed on an SME arm.

Albert Porter also has a Supreme on his V-12 as well as an Atlas on his second V-12.

I am about to directly compare a My Sonic Labs Signature Gold and the Supreme in my system.
Nagoka MP-5000

Sunnyboy , i am also thinking about my phono stage that it might the weakest link to my system. Though i have tried several phono stage like EAT Phono , zesto , avid pulsare , acoustic research , etc. but this REGA a iOS Reference is the most musical and quiet phono stage that match with my system.

Please suggest a good phono stage. i am willing to keep 2 phono stage which
i will retain my Rega IOS Reference.

For now , i can't afford the Burmester Phono which i am dreaming of. Meantime
i already decided to get AIR TIGHT PC1 Supreme which will arrive this weekend.
Dream - Have you considered a Herron VTPH-2 phono stage?
If only Burmeister made a cartridge.
If you are enjoying the Rega stay with it. If you have a friendly dealer or an even more friendly audio buddy willing to bring his phono over, thats the best way to go with a home demo. Whats your budget and do you prefer SS or tubes ? Multiple variables as you can guess.
NJoy the ride.
Hi Dreamaudio,
Did you try the Pulsare or current Pulsare II?
Could you tell me how the Avid compare with the Rega (Ios Reference) sonically?
I am looking for a solid-state phono stage.
Thank you.
I have AC3 with all BN updates and 10.5 arm using Transfiguration Proteus sounds wonderful.
Dreamauduio, What do you think of the Supreme on your V-12?