Best cart. for a Origin Conqueror MK3C arm?

Guys just got an Artisan Fidelity Lenco 75 which came with a Origin Conqueror MK3C arm- what is the best cart. you have found to match with it- thanks
I have an Origin Live Illustrious Mk3c tonearm.  My last two cartridges have been Ortofon Cadenzas (Bronze and Black).  Excellent matches IMO. I also have and older Benz Ebony which performs well also.  I have received recommendations for the Kiseki Purple Heart from my OL dealer also.  

A few years ago OL distributed zyx and the hifi news review of the conqueror arm was with an airy 3.
Nice rig - I like the new Ortofon MC Quintet range - the blue is what Im using now with OL Illustrious arm
Cartridge Man Music Maker 3 (w/ Soundsmith ruby / LC retip) sounds fantastic on my OL Encounter Mk3c. Prefer it to my Dynavector xx2-mk2. Dunno that it’s an overall better cart, just better synergy with the Encounter (or with my JuicyMusic Tercel phono stage). Table is Townshend Rock mk3.