Best car audio, Burmester? highly disapointed

Just wanted see if anyone else has listened to Burmester audio in Porsche cars. I recently bought a Porsche Panamera Turbo with Burmester audio. If your read car reviews, everyone talks about how the Burmester in Porsceh is one of the best audio systems available today. Really? I am an audiphile and know what is good an bad. the system is calibrated correctly for volume bass, etc, and has power, which I think should be given. But the midrange and mid-highs suck, very raspy an dull. >8-10K Hz things are better, but common... I am highly disappointed!

The system that I built for my SUV, Harmon-Kardon head unit, Alpine amp and Focal speakers, is in a completely different league compared to the Burmester. What a waste of money and the name.
Hey just think how great the home system will sound when you get home......
Too bad about the radio; but it's a hell of a 4 door. Enjoy to the max.

Mark Levinson is the best!!
Nice ride! Our Panny has the bose, which is really awful. Heard the Burmester in a Cayenne and it sounded much better. Hate to mess with aftermarket gear in a car this expensive.
Who listens to audio when you are in a Porsche?
You listen to the car :-)
It sounds like you've probably done a thorough job of going through the setup menus. But just to be sure, have you optimized all of the settings that may be relevant? That would include "listening position," "smooth," "surround," "live," "sound conditioner," "loudness," and "SDV" (speed dependent volume).

Based on reading their descriptions in the manual I would expect that you would want to set "listening position" to "front," and to disable most of the other functions. "Smooth" and "live" being possible exceptions.

I have the Bose system in my Cayman S, btw. In that vehicle and for my purposes (pretty much just listening to satellite radio) it is quite satisfactory.

-- Al
My wifes 30K Acura TSX cost half as much as my E350 & has twice the stereo system. She's more pissed off about it than I am I think. Although I aint all that happy about it.
Makes me wonder how the Krell system is in the new Acura RLX. That car costs $60k. Thats a chunk-o-change for a Honda. But I'd sure like to listen to and drive one. Oh wait, I mean drive one & listen to it....
The Acura RLX with the Krell package is one of the best car audio setups I have heard from a manufaturer. Th upper roll off is the only complaint I have but it is not too bad.
BEst car speakers I ever had were MB Quart.

BEst electronics: Nakamichi

Together this 90's era combo was the bomb and a fantastic value. Nothing else I have heard close.

MB Quart is still around, but have not heard any in quite some time.
Thanks! for sharing all. There are many differences between th auto manufacturers, w/ surprises along the way! Keep posting.
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I'm also interested in a good head unit (for both an old 911 and a VW Vanagon).  Sony has a unit for $1,500 that looks promising...

OTOH, I'd much rather pay $500

I am also a Focal fan.
I just got a new Porsche Cayman S with the Burmeister system.   The Bose is just as good.  The Burmeister has better bass, but its value is swamped when you do over 15 mph.  I suspect the biggest flaw is the iinput signal, but it is what it is.
Don't know about bespoke systems but Harmon Kardon is my favorite from the factory - the one in my Mercedes big SUV is the best car audio I have had (including a bespoke Clarion setup). Mark Levinson factory installs in Lexus would be a close second. 

A Porsche is pretty noisy in the cabin so I am not really sure of the benefit.
who makes really good aftermarket amplifiers?
I share your pain gago, I bought a '16 TTS with B&O sound, and it is the most disappointing sound system I have ever heard. My previous '11TTS had Bose which I found to be quite satisfactory. 

' What a waste of money and the name'.
You are spot on there. It seems way too many 'high end' manufacturers put their name on poorly designed systems. Though the fault should be on the auto manufacturer who signs off on system.
Yep, I had an Audi A4 with the Bose system. Took the A4 with B&O as a loaner. Distinct B&O sound. while there was a more extended treble, it was also exaggerated in the lower treble and there was no adjustment possible (despite so many controls!) that would fix it.

The Bose system was, while more narrow, better balanced and less objectionable.  Unfortunately like all Audi's I've been in they all suffer from so much road noise you don't really think it's worth it.
"Unfortunately like all Audi's I've been in they all suffer from so much road noise you don't really think it's worth it. "

Off topic but wow, Eric.  I'm really surprised to read that.  I've lost count of the A4s I've leased and owned over the last almost 20 years.  Excessive road noise was never my experience with any of them...even with sport suspension and low profile tires.  Hate to see the brand come in for that kind of undeserved criticism.  

Wow, had not visited the site for some time. Interesting reading all the responses. Anyway, I have had a chance to try the Meridian audio in my new Range Rover Sport. This one does not have the dynamics the Burmester had. However, the midrange and top end are much nicer. I like it more. Of course, now I kind of settled with the idea that car audio can never be in the same league as home audio.

I also found out that Burmester amps and speakers are still built by the same Italian company as the lower end amps and speakers from Porsche. I think the design is Burmester, that is it. I understand though, the car system cost 6K, while one preamp from Burmester for your home audio can cost north of 20K.
Biggest disappointment ever with 2015 Maserati GT Bose system. Without a doubt the worst system I've heard in any car manufacturer I've owned. Even the base stereo in my old Honda was more pleasant. I heard the same about  Maserati QP and giblet. My only consolation is the exhaust note from GT, which is quite intoxicating especially with the windows down. I hear the same from Ferrari owners. Seems like Italians don't care much about tech. 

Best system I've heard was mark Levinson on Lexus 570. 

Burmester wasnt too bad on 911, not as good as ML. However, you have to keep in mind, a big Lexus will have better acoustics than a tiny Porsche. 

Jaguar's meridian system is pretty good, nowhere close to ML or BM. Again, car dementions make a difference. Range sounded better than Ftype. 

2017 BMW X5 bang and olufsen is acceptable. I would rate it below ML and BM. 

By by far the worst wounding systems is Bose. I used to think it's a cliche, but this shows how strong advertising brainwashed even the most respected car manufacturers. At least Porsche realizes this and gives burmester as an alternative. 

My current cars are BMW X5 with BO and Maserati GT with Bose. 

I think BO used to be better in old 740i. 
Harmon K is definitely a step below BO. 

Anyone with similar experiences?

For those looking for great car audio sound, check out Milbert.

 World class amps.

How good?

I use the Bam 235/ TC-2R in my home stereo :)

I'd like to find a good head unit for USB or Ipad based ripped CDs with a simple easy to use interface.
I have the standard Bose system in my '15 Audi A8 (no road noise, FYI :) ), and it is really quite good.  By far the best Bose system I've heard.  I had a chance to hear the optional B&O system ($6000?) with the motorized tweeters.  It sounded different, but I'm not sure it was better...definitely more treble.  
Bose and Audi seem to be a good match, in my opinion.
B&O and Audi is a match made in hell. I honestly thought it would be an upgrade, but I was sorely mistaken.
-Absolutely no lower bass.
-Tinny treble.
-Muddy midrange.
I can only listen to the comedy channels. Anything with music makes me pine for a transistor radio from the 60's-like Gidget and Moondoggie.

Yeah, in the Audi the Bose is the way to go. the B&O system has a ton of features but the top end sounds like their headphones, artificially exaggerated details.

I have the 2012 A4 and man, it has way too much road noise. It got much better when I switched tires to Michelin summer tires though.
gdnrbob say:
-Absolutely no lower bass.
That reminded me my 98' RX 300 Nakamichi system