Best Canadian Made Whiskey

An easy one for me.....Canadian Club.

And you.....?
Crown Royal
Canadian Crown Royal. Not the stuff they send to the U.S.
Danfields. Made in Lethbridge, Alberta

I think it would be very hard to beat this for the money. I'm not a fan of Crown Royal at all, but just like audio it's all about personal preference, and I find this to be far superior for my tastes anyways.
Too sweet, give me some sour mash bourbon
Heh, bourbon's too sweet, give me scotch whisky (Spring Bank) any day! In a pinch I'll drink some Irish, especially Red Breast.
On Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, there is made a single malt scotch whiskey. Naturally, it cannot be called Scotch whiskey since it is not from Scotland. Suffice it to say, it is exquisite. It is called Glen Breton. Hope eveyone gets a chance to try it sometime. Steve
Does it have to be Canadian or are you just looking for a top rye whiskey, regardless of origin? There are a few small producers in the U.S. who make great products (e.g., Van Winkle has a great rye). Ask Cincy_Bob.
Sure, we can open it up to Whiskey's made elsewhere....I was just thinking of how much I enjoy a few CC's & G while listening to some good tunes.
Wiser's Special deluxe... I much prefer over CC or Crown Royal... try it!
Oh yea! Canadian Club all the way....good for getting a quick buzz!
My father loved CC. On the rocks.
Bells Scotch Whisky.
Well, if you want a single malt, you have a choice of only one, Glen Breton. (By the way, in Canada it's "whisky" without the "e"). I don't believe there are any other single malts made in Canada at the moment, although that may change. There is a big controversy right now with Diageo plc, the large multinational who own and distiribute many brands of spirits. Apparently they are pulling a lot of premium whiskies from stores in order to sell them in China, India and Russia, where they can earn more money. Canada is being rationed fewer bottles. This may encourage entrepreneurs to set up single malt distilleries.

Now on the other hand, if you don't have enough hair on your chest to drink real single malt whisky, there are many nice smooth blended brands, like Black Velvet.

Of course, to a single malt drinker, blended whisky is nothing more than industrial alcohol with food colouring added.
My Mother also drank CC and other blended like Kessler etc.Lots of women loved it,nice and mellow.I personally like Makers Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon made Sour Mash Style.Its the bottle with the top dipped in red wax.Hand made in small batches.Now we are talking!!
Aaaaah! Gotta love a Whiskey drinkin' woman!!!
J.P. Wiser's Red Letter Canadian Whiskey - the best, $150
Forty Creek Small Batch Reserve - damn good, $50
Crown Royal Special Reserve - can't go wrong, $40
Wiser's Small Batch Canadian Whiskey - great value, $25
That would be Crown Royal, wouldn't it?
Crown Royal for me too . All this whisky talk is making me thirsty .
Crown Royal.
There is a new Crown Royal out called Crown Royal Black.. it is to die for.
I prefer Scotch, but once in a while a (Crown) Royal Manhattan straight up hits the spot.
Many years ago I saw a billboard sign saying "Drink Canada Dry". So I went there and gave it my best attempt. I think I made a dent, tho I was younger then.
Dead liver plus.
There are five levels of Crown Royal, the top tear one is $150 a pop.
You can add in Gibsons rye to the list. Competes very well with CR and CC.
Crown Royal Extra Rare. Other whiskey that is not Canadian made and it is much smoother than CR extra rare is the Johnnie Walker King George. Comparing price with CR extra rare, the Green or Gold label is still taste much much better and smoother. Please do not pure these drinks on the rock. People pour on the rock becuase of the cheap bottle $25-$50 taste like cough med. Otherwise you are waisting a perfectly good liquor.
Whistlepig. It’s bottled in Vermont but sourced from Canada.