Best cabling for Samsung DLP TV

I just took the plunge after a bunch a research and bought a Samsung DLP 42" TV.
I am looking for recommendations for the best type/brand/ model of interconnects between the TV and DVD player.
Any other comments on maximizing the picture / sound would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for the help/
Sound to your DLP TV??

I hope you are not asking for input on IC's for a TV! PLEASE tell us you are using another system for sound...

I personally have an older Gen DLP of Samsung and use DVI, with a Geffen DVI switcher. It wortks well, though I do suffer some fringing on HD DVR recorded material.

My advice to you would be to keep the signal in the digital domain (DVI/HDMI) as you have a fixed pixel display.... My logic, and experience seems to find they look better this way.
for the DVI cables Wireworld cables are a bargain for the quality.

If you need cheap DVI cables but order everything you can think of because of shipping costs (USB cables are like a couple of bucks also, plus network cables, etc..)
Better Cables.COM makes an HDMI cable and a two-in, one-out HDMI switcher with a remote. Your Samsung may only have one HDMI input. Tough luck if you plan to use a dish with HDMI out and a dvd player with HDMI out. Their switcher comes with two HDMI cables too!