best cables to use with conrad johnson ct5 & dna 5

looking for some info on what cables are best for use with my conrad johnson ct5 tube preamp & mccormack dna 500 amp.
I have a cj PV- 12L tube line stage (heavily modified) and a SMC A+ modified DNA 1 and have found Harmonic Technology Magic Link II interconnects to be a great match. I believe you'll find most postings about these cables to be positive regarding tonal neutrality, dynamic expression and a great value to boot. They serve as the mate between my preamp and poweramp. I would strongly recommend you read about them and if possible get a loaner pair from The Cable Company to try with your gear.

Happy listening!

Phil, I took your advice from another thread and my CJ PV-14L is at RHB right now being modded (can't wait to get it back). So I appreciate the recommendation on the interconnects I will check those out also.

I have a CT5 and use the magic II's to a Classe Delta 2200 amp. They truly are like comfortable,well-made shoes. Once you put them on, you stop shopping....which is not to say there aren't better cables out there...but I doubt there are at this price point. They've also been stereophile class A and TAS recommended for several years running, FWIW.