Best cables to use for Pass Labs equip

I would like to here from any body who owns have demo or in the past had heared cables used with Pass lab gear,my system before upgrading was a Moon Ecplice Cd player,Krell 400xi intergrated power amp and Jm Lab Mezzo's I was running Nordost Smp speaker cable and Smp balance interconects ( which I think are great)and still own, I dont have the pleasure of experimenting with different brands as most because of my location I have to rely other people's opinion's which is great,I have know move into a Pass Labs X1 pre and a 350.5 Power combo,I am Currently getting my Moon souped up with all new Black Gate Caps, Diodes,resistores and clock etc,what ever way I go I need to at least get one more balance interconect to connect the pre to the power any recomendation on what they would use throuh out the system would be greatful recieved as every body has been so helpful in the past.
Hi K_Rose. I have not heard any Pass Labs gear, though have heard stellar things about their products & I cannot provide advice from direct listening sessions. My understanding is that folks at Pass Labs use the new interconnect cables from Basis Audio. Thus their interconnect cable might be worth your consideration.

I use the Basis interconnects and speaker cables which have blown me away. I found them to be more like a huge component upgrade relative to the expected improvement (or sonic change in some manner) to 1 or 2 sonic characteristics typical when comparing one good cable to another.

Enjoy your newly upgrade system!
I am blown away by my recently acquired Chimera Laboratories Advantage Series II balanced pair which runs from my BAT pre to my Pass Aleph 30. Knocks me out - the cable simply disappeared after about 100 hours.
Looks like everyone's getting blown away by something. Maybe the new Clinton brand. Monica cable can be something we all agree on.

Doesn't anyone use "jaw dropping" anymore?
>>Maybe the new Clinton brand Monica cable can be something we all agree on<<

I heard it will blow you away.
I'm using Acoustic Zen Silver Reference MkII from cdp to pre and Matrix Reference MkII from pre to amp. All XLRs.
AU24 speaker cables, although I would suggest something better, may be Acoustic Zen Double Barrel or Purist Aqueous Anniversary speaker cables.
I had the same experience as Tubes108. The Basis cables are "Jaw Dropping".
I used to run the identical IC cable (all XLR) setup as Audphile w/ AZ Hologram 2 spkr cables (w/X250 & X-pre). pretty hard to beat for the price used.
I am using Purist Audio Dominus C balanced to my Pass Labs 350.5.
Speaker cables are Virtual Dyanmics Revelation 2 bi-wire.
Power cable is the new Purist Anniversary.
I also have my Amp on a 30 A dedicated line.
I recently switched from nordost spm ic,s and speaker cable
to audioquest sky ic,s and purist audio venustas speaker cable. Also tried mit S1. System is pass x-350,wadia 830,
avalon accendents. Audioquest sky is jaw dropping.
Thank you so far, quick question Basis cables do they ever come up second hand or where do you buy them new.
I haven't seen any for sale second hand but you can get them for Blackbird Audio. Dan Muiquiz is a great guy and is very helpful. (619)449-2866,

Try the new Synergistic Research Telsa line (search the forum for comments by Rb99 on the Telsas -- the best review I've read) -- YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I have the X250 w/ the X1 using Synergistic Telsa Accelerator IC's & speaker cables. All I can say is my search for cables is over with these.