Best cables to be used for pass labs X250.5, XP10

I have ordered a pass labs X 250.5 amp, xp10 preamp, Speakers magnepan 1.7s Need help on cable selection to obtain the best possible results with the components chosen. Any help would be great Thanks Jim
Just thougt I would mention that I have the maggies on order as well spring delivery just was hoping for some guidance to maybe find some used cables on audiogon at a savings before the speakers arrive Thanks
They're saying Spring for the 1.7? That's good to hear.
Hello Jeerunn40 - there are lots of good cable choices for Pass and Magnepans - Synergistic Research, Silent Source, Acoustic Zen, Harmonic Tech, and Analysis Plus to give you the top ones. Since you have some time, you should be able to get yourself some "deals" on the 'Gon for some of these. Keep in mind that you will need LOTS of experimentation with the speaker placement, so don't short yourself on speaker cable length! Enjoy - that should be a very nice system!
Best power conditioner and ac cables to pair up with the X250.5, and the XP10
Best power conditioner and ac cables to pair up with the X250.5, and the XP10?
I have Pass XA100.5 and XP20. I use Harmonic Technology Magic balanced cables. Pass suggests using balanced mode and short, thick speaker cables with their amps. In my case, I use a long IC and a short speaker cable. I don't have experience with other cable brands in my system.
I own the Pass X-10 and the Pass X350.5 and I am using all Synergistic cables.
Check out my system posted.
I have the Pass XP-10, and tried various PCs on it. The best I found was the DCCA Source II cord.
I posted a thread abt AC cables w/Pass amps, if you do a search...The verdict was that AC cables don't seem to make a huge difference, but going into the wall directly was better than into a line "conditioner."

I use a PS Audio Xstram Statement and like it. It's kinda like adding a subwoofer.