Best Cables for Usher Be718?

I just bought a pair of the Tiny Dancers. I am running all Musical Fidelity electronics. 308 series and A5 CD player. I listen to many different types of music but am really looking for a very rich, natural sounding open soundstage. I am using Analysis Plus Silver Oval right now, but find the highs are a little too bright and grainy. I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but don't want to be disappointed with less than adequate quality (ie. I want the best VALUE). Any success stories with certain cables? I have been consider Kubala Sosna and JPS so far.

I would stay away from silver for that set up. I have Be718 driven by Nuforce amp (detailed, transparent, neutral) and initially used a generally great sounding silver int but sounded harsh and thin in this set up. Wound up with JPS Super3 and am enjoying the music like never before.


I went from Analysis Plus Oval 9 to JPS Superconductor Petite and found significant improvement in openness and natrual sounding presentation. The music just seems to flow through a clear, open channel.
I find BE-718 with Audience Au24 E version much more better sounding. Smooth and very balance from top to the botton
Silver is not the problem. It's the grade and gauge that matters. Clear Day speaker cables are warm and detailed on my Magnepan 6 foot ribbon tweeters. Best still, they are less than $200/8ft pair
I recently purchased a pair of the Usher BE 718’s and was running my mono wired Kubala Sosna Fascination cables to the bottom binding posts with the Usher supplied jumpers going to the tweeter binding posts. I was pretty happy with that setup until I connected a “real” set of jumpers, and ran the mono speaker cables to the tweeter binding posts instead of the woofer binding posts.

The jumper cables I purchased are the JPS Aluminata Jumpers that are/were listed on Audiogon. I figured that since the BE 718’s were wired with JPS Cable, I’d give that a shot. I switched running the mono speakers cables to the tweeter binding posts after reading other Forums on Jumper Cables verses Bi-Wired speaker cables. Several people suggested it was better to connect the speaker cables to the tweeter binding posts and run the Jumper Cables to the woofer binding posts.

After wrestling with the JPS Aluminata Jumpers to connect both them and my Kubala Sosna Fascination cables to the binding posts, I experienced one of those Holy Crud moments. The BE 718’s were completely transformed. I don’t know if it was connecting the speaker cables to the tweeter binding posts or if it was the addition of the JPS Aluminata Jumpers that did it, all I can say is I’m a happy guy.

Now I’m wondering what would happen if I replaced the Kubala Sosna Fascination cables with JPS cables. The JPS Aluminata Jumpers are very very stiff to say the least. I wonder if the JPS Aluminata speaker cables are as stiff as the jumpers are.
Thanks guys for your inputs. I will be audtioning some cable over the next few weeks. I'll update when I make my decision.
I just wanted to add my opinion. I dont have the BE-718 but I do have the BE-10 and used Nordost Blue Heavens for a long time. I found the Blue Heavens to have great synergy with the Ushers, helping to bring out the speed, transparency, and detail. I recently changed to Tara Labs The One which has all the qualities of the Blue Heavens but with a bit more weight in the mid and bass. This improvement came at pretty big price though. For the money, the Blue Heavens are hard to beat.