Best cables for Thiel 2.3

I'm using Thiels 2.3 with Krell KAV 300i, and Rega CD player. Would like to get rid of the bright or harsh sound which comes through with some ( a lot) of my CD's. Now using Monster M 2.2 speaker cable with Audio Quest interconnects. Any ideas?
Purist Audio Design--they are very smooth. Relaxed and laid back is how I would describe them.
Hi Yashu. I tried a variety of cables on Thiel CS 2.3s, using a Krell KAV-250a, also trying to get rid of that dry/grainy/bright sound. Most cables sounded pretty irritating, including my Goertz MI-2s, which had worked well in nearly every other situation. The best sound we got was NBS Mine/Serpent II. Fast, open, detailed, but not bright or grainy. Wish I could have tried the better NBS but I didn't have any at the time. Highwire(I don't know if they are still in business) model 1100 sounded very smooth, soft, sweet, but also closed in, and rolled on the top and bottom ends.
Interconnects were mostly AQ(not the latest stuff). Watch your power cord; the Krell KAV series is very pc sensitive, in my experience. I would also consider the MIT or Transparent matched-system approach; seems like this would be right up their alley.
Don't really know how it would stack up against other quality gear, but I'm using the Homegrown Super Silver interconnects and Kimber Monocle XL speaker cabels (VTL preamp, Bryston amp, Thiel 2.3's) and am very pleased. Some have suggested that the Krell & Thiel combo can be predisposed to a little harshness, but I really can't speak to it. Others have suggested MIT as a good way to add a little taming to otherwise strident systems. In my experience, though, the Kimber and Kimber-clone-esque Homegrown gear has worked wonderfully with the Thiels. However, going all-silver with the interconnects might not work as well for you if you're trying to reign in an already unruly higher frequency range. There's been some talk about the KAV-Thiel combo recently, so poking around in some of the past posts might prove a little more useful that I can be. Either way, enjoy and good luck.
MIT for sure! MIT,Krell and Thiel will give you everything you are looking for. I own these brands a few steps up the ladder. (FPB 300, CS6, V3 & 350 series cables)
Harmonic Tech Truth links for the IC's and Cardas Cross for the speaker cables. Cardas cross or better all around if you can afford it but the HT Truth links are good for taming the high's at a reasonable price.
You may find it better to sell the Krell and get a Plinius integrated instead though. The krell (KAV line) sounds good at first with Thiel but grows to be too annoying real fast.
MIT would be my first choice, I'm using Kimber 8TC with 3.6's but with a Classe amp and CJ tubes in the pre, I think a little warmer than your setup. I'm also using MIT IC's. I'm waiting on some MIT speaker cable, my experience is MIT ic's and cables used together bring out the best in both. MIT has commented to me that Thiels are a good match with their wire.
Mezmo, Your system sounds great. What model preamp and Bryston are you using with your Thiel's?
I have the NBS Monitor 3 speaker cable on my FPB200 to Thiel CS3.6s and I find this to be the best speaker cables I had on them.On my ICs the Acoustic Zen Silver reference did it for the pre to amp connection.And Nordost quattro Fil from EMC1 to KRC3.FIM GOLD power cords. A lot of people said the the Krell and Thiel combo is really prone to harsness on the highs.The flipside of that is ones you get the Krell Thiel combo the right cabling and proper placement etc.,this combo can be the best system you ever heard.
I have the 2.3s driven by Krell kav 350il and am using AQ cv8s and they are good but want to try MIT based on this and other reading.  For interconnects, I use silnote morpheus xlrs and these really opened up the soundstage and tamed the highs down, very happy with these relative to AQ king cobras and others.  What about recomendations for best power cord to pair with Krell kav amp, I am still using factory cord fed from ps audio usb-200.
HA!  This was 17 years ago, omg I have to be a more careful reader.

please join us over on the Thiel Owners thread. I would like to read more about your system and Audio journey. 17 years ago or not, Thiel speakers never go out of style.
Happy Listening!