Best Cables For Subs

Well, my Kinergetics SW800's are finally on the pallet and the truck shoud be here some time next week. What do the Audiogonisti recommend as cables for subs?

I'm sticking with AQ Midnight on the CLSes for the time being, although I've been noodling with Goertz and Zu.

Thanks in advance. Jim.
Most of the exotic technology that goes into cable design is aimed at the midrange and treble. And rightfully so. I have found that for bass, one needs lots of copper. For my subs I used to use Fulton Gold which is horrible as a full range cable but is 4 gauge and great on subs. Now that I have gone to powered subs, I made my interconnects out of 14 gauge (bigger than a lot of speaker wire!) twisted pair shielded wire. Esoteric cable made from dilithium crystals from the Enterprize not necessary for subwoofers. Save yourself some money.
Thanks, Elgordo. Your opinion is very consistent with what a near-local dealer told me. He had a customer who asked "how do you think this stuff will work as speaker cable?". Turned out that it was pretty bad *except* for the bass, which was reportedly damn, damn good. Now these guys are making cables for subs themselves using top quality termination. Cost for the 15' pair I need is around $260. Seems pretty reasonable. Thanks again.
Jim, I concur with the statement by Elgordo on subs needing LOTS of copper. If your subs do not go too far into the midrange(if at all), and you are on a tight budget, get some really thick copper wire. It doesn't need to be expensive. Even cheap($1 - $3/foot) 10 or 12 gauge stranded OFC will supply them with what they need. Always use the best cable(soundwise, not costwise - they often do not correlate completely) to the mids/HF. I currently use AudioQuest Midnight on my subwoofers to excellent effect. Quite deep, tuneful, and punchy. I am sure you know, the cable is 10 gauge, featuring very high purity copper. As you already have it...
Thanks, Trelja. Maybe moving my Midnights to the subs is the most cost effective way for me to go. I'm thinking about trying the Zu's based on positive feedback and Sean Casey's reputation. Whether it's the Zu's or something else, this is a "cheap" way to experiment. Thanks for your advice.