Best cables for Sonus faber Liuto floorstanding

Has anyone tried to compare different speaker cables for the Sonus faber Liuto series? I have the MIT S 1.3 and like them but am very curious about how other cables sound with them.

I like something along the fast and articulate side.

TAS seems to like them with the CRL Bronze set. Has anyone heard them paired that way?
I've experimented a bit and settled on Kimber Kable 12TC with WBT bananas. My interconnects are all KK HERO with WBT144.

I tried Nordost Frey (4m) and was also impressed. But, the 12TC had better instrument placement (image) and a slightly wider stage. The sound with the Kimber setup "came to life".

I also tried numerous AudioQuest cables and didn't fall in love.

My ear likes the warmer sound and this was my ticket.

Equip: DAC1 USB -> Rogue Perseus mag -> Pass Aleph 2s -> Liuto floorstanding + REL B2
Very expensive but clarus crimson by tributaries are amazing. It made me keep these speakers. Very detailed. It opened the speakers up and made everything sound realistic. Treble midrange and bass.