best cables for simaudio xlr balanced

Looking to use balanced xlr cables for my sim pre p-5 to my power amp w-5. Any suggestions, would like to spend as little as possible, but want a cable that will help get the most out of my system, I don't want to skimp but also don't want to overpay. As for the rest of the system: VPI TT, ear phono stage, and My speakers merlin and apogee ribbon tweeter tweek driven together. By the way I just recently mounted the apogees tweeters to a frame next to my merlins which are suspended from the ceiling , both the merlins and the apogees are suspended by cables from the ceiling. So far I am very pleased with what I am hearing from this unusual combo. I know it sounds crazy but if you knew me you would have expected it.ha ha. Again just to make sure it's understood, I am using the merlins (both drivers: tweeter and midrange/bass driven as designed to) and an apogee tweeter ribbon from centaur.
For what it's worth, my DH Labs BL-1's (RCA's) are very good with my i-5 and Nova, so I would probably go there first if I was trying the seperates.

Speaker setup must make vacuuming easy:) After you scoff at the ridiculously low prices, you may note the quality workmanship and materials used. Lots of cables are little more than painted whores.
I am very happy with Harmonic Tech series cables with my simaudio P5/W6 combo. Both the truth link and silway series are great with my set up. If your system is on the lean side go with the truthlink, otherwise silway if you can afford it is worth a try.

Post a picture of you system, I can't imagine the 'suspended from the ceiling' bit. Do they swing when you crnk it up?
Thank you all for your responses. As for the question posted by Nikturner920, no they do not swing they weigh in at over 100 pounds each and yes I will eventually post a picture. AND BY THE WAY they sound amazing just incredible I can't get over the sound highly recomend it though I want to hear my audiophile's reaction to the set up.