Best cables for Simaudio Moon system??

Hi there,

I really need recommendations on what are the most suitable interconnect and speaker cables for Simaudio Moon Systems? (P5 and W5 pre-power, and Eclipse CD player)

I've recently bought these Moon System, but so far still couldn't find the best-matched cables for them. I currently use Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect and Kimber Select speaker cables. My speaker is Thiel CS 2.3

Has anyone had experience about this?? Please help.

Your Cardas interconnects work well with Moon stuff. That's what I've used.

Thiel and Moon tend to be very accurate (Perhaps sometimes too much so). Kimber Select is as well. From my experience replace the Kimber with something smoother. I've had good sucess with Cardas and Synergistic Research speaker cables.
I use DH Labs BL-1 on my Nova to i-5.

I have tried much more expensive cables like the Cardas Golden Reference and Analysis Plus Silver Oval In, but I still find the DH Labs most suitable.

Speaker cables - I currently use DIYAUDIO Exodus Crossstream; but I have used the DH Labs Q-10 in the past with equal success.

I would recommend getting DH Labs all through, then you can play around a bit with some other cables.
Hi Benn,

I've had the P-5 and W-5 in my system with a Linn Ikemi for probably close to 5 years now and I'm very happy with the system and hopefully you will be as well.

For what its worth, I find the Sim stuff must be connected using XLR balanced cables. After some trial and error, I've had a lot of great success with UPOCC cables from companies such as Harmonic Technology and then Acoustic Zen and Cryotweaks.

Right now I'm using the Cryotweaks silver reference mk II XLR interconnects both from Ikemi to P-5 and then P-5 to W-5. For the speaker connectivity, I am using the Acoustic Zen Satori Shotguns which give a very nice natural and smooth yet very detailed sound.

One thing you didn't mention was power cords and power conditioning. The W-5 and P-5 react well with aftermarket power cords. I'm using the PS Audio xStream statement / plus cords and they work great in my system in combination with the other cables but I'm sure others that I haven't tried will work well as well.
Could it be that Moon gear will never be your cup of tea sonically speaking? Same thing happened to me, when I realized that the ''moon'' sound never gave me the involvement I wanted or that I deserved given the astronomic pricing of these (in my opinion anyway) overpriced units.
The revealing nature of the Moon stuff does mean that an accurate cable is better. I found that the Cardas is good stuff for the dollar value,it does have a darker sound along with a slight emphasis in the midbass.I think that you have really nice equipment and that it deserves a cable that is of the same calibur.I've two friends that have Wadia's cdps and Moon W-5 LE's and they swear up and down that Virtual Dynamics cables made the most difference to their sound.They both have had the Nite series followed by the Master and now own the Revelation through out their systems.The best product made by Virtual is the power cords, what they do for an amp is truly amazing in both power and resolution.Just try a Master cord on your amp and you will see immediate benefits ( it does take 3 full days before the amp restabalise and imaging comes back to normal).I just heard my friends all revelation system and it was killer in everyway imaginable (Wadia 27GNSC Modded 64x oversampling has to be one of the very best out there).With the Revelation it was very natural and musical at the sametime,I've never heard so much info coming from a Martin logan SL3 with a revelation power cord kicking the speaker in the ass!! Give one a try if you have the inclination ( your components will never sound the same and neither will the music).Good luck and good hunting-Dennis
Thanks everyone for all your thoughts. I'll keep trying!!
I have an I-5 integrated and a Nova and use VHAudio pular interconnects and am quite pleased. - walkman
I would recommend Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference IC's and TG Audio speaker cables. That's what I used with my Sim Audio Attraction and Titan amp. Previous to that I had Cardas GR and NR.

I run Cardas with my MOON system, W-5 amp , P-5 pre and Supernova cdp

Golden ref balanced ic's and golden cross speaker wire. It's a great combo.

Coincidently, Simaudio runs all golden cross throughout with Dynaudio speakers.
i was asking simaudio this exact question about my p-7/w-8 combo just the other day. Their response was that they don't recommend any one specific brand of cable as results are so system, room and personal preference dependant. they did say they have used Cardas and Nordost with success in the past, among other brands. Other advice they gave me included:

1. all good interonnect cables have shielding
2. all connectors must fit tightly (althouhg not so tightly that they damage the finish on the connectors)
3. all copper cables may sound "warmer", whereas the more silver in the cable the tendancy to increase retrieval of fine detail (though deliberate/careful cable geometry can offset this)
4. in speaker cables, spades are always preferable to banna plugs as there is usually more surface contact

They also mention that, if at all possible, it is recommended to use the same brand of cable throughout the system -interconnect, speaker cable and power cords - as this provides the most synergy and therefore the most benefit.

Finally, they don't feel that power conditioners are necessary. although they told me to "go for it" if I found a conditioner that prduced good results on my pre-amp, they categorically say NOT to use power conditioners with their bigger amps.

Myself, I'm using Cardas Clear interconnects from my Marantz SA 11-S1 SACD player to my Simaudio P-7 to my Simaudio W-8. Speaker cables to my Revel Studio 2s is Cardas Golden Reference. I'm still experimenting with power cords.
Perhaps you could also try Nirvana and Purist cables. I never liked Cardas, it is non-linear with enough distortion, usually bass heavy,slow, thick, doesn't get tremble right etc. It is audiophile tone controls and not a good one.
Manufacturers of equipment rarely if ever find the best cables for their stuff, don't listen to them.
I'm now getting great results with Cardas Clear throughout my entire system. The Clears are very neutral cables across the frequency spectrum, unlike previous Cardas cables (as Inna mentioned above). For the money, they offer greeat value compared against much more expensive high end cables like Transparent, Synergistic and MIT.

I was recently at the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show and a lot of Simaudio demonstrations were pairing Moon equipment with Nordost cables. I've never thought Nordost was my cup of tea, however the new line of Nordost cables (especially the higher up the line models) sounded fantastic with the Moon equipment.
I will second the NORDOST suggestion (from personal experience with my speakers)

Before you make your final decision, you may first find out just what does THIEL showcase their kit with.
Does this factor also matter in achieving "best" synergies? You betcha, especially with high-end gear.