Best Cables for Merlin VSM-M's

What cables, IC and speaker, have Merlin owners found to be the best in their respective systems? Please include what electronics you are using also if you will
The answer depends what the rest of your system consists of but with with my tube based system the Kimber Select 3035 work excellent, expensive but purchased used for about half price at $1600 for a 8' pair the Merlin's really shine. Johnny
In recent shows Bobby has used JPS Labs SuperConductor 2 and Cardas cabling. In the SS realm he used Sim Audio products and one of the above cable companies (check stereophile ) in Tubes he uses Joule Electra
I've heard marvelous sound on VSM-m's with Acoustic Zen's offerings. Infact, the best I've heard on those speakers for sure
I have the Blue Circle BC3.1/BC2.1 combo used with the VSM-Se's. I have found that Tg Audio cabling is a magical combo. I don't use that word often, but here it really works.

I have had Cardas Neutral Ref, then Golden Ref throughout. Then tried Kimber KS1020 and 1030, with 3035 biwired, throughout to good effect. But the largest, most palpable, lifesized, most focused soudstage/experience with the most hall info ever here, occurred when I was able to audition Tg Audio cables throughout. SLVR Ac cords, HSR gen2 IC's and speaker cables. Wide, deep, extremely well layered, musical as all get out (more so than with any other cable I have had through here - must be the way Bob breaks-in his cables before hand), yet with all the detail I have ever heard - tonality spot on (this is what the Blue Circle excels at); also incredible PRaT- real boogie factor. My "search" for cables has eneded; real reference cabling. I am not saying the cables did all this, just that all these characteristics really "happened", when the Tg Audio cabling was installed. I am sure the components are at work, but I feel cables can make or break how the "system" engages you.

Real sysnergy with the Blue Circle/Merlin/Tg Audio combo (IMHO). I bet the Behring/Merlin combo with Tg Audio would be Killer as well. Can't recommend Bob Crump, Bobby Palkovic, and Gilbert Yeung enough! Great guys, great companies.

i'd second the TG w/ merlins.

I sure many of the above are excellent choices and I would be most interested in the TG Audio cables as I have one of their power cords and find it to be excellent and a great value, Thanks Bob Crump!

To the list I would add Luminous Technology Synchestra Signature for interconnects. Haven't heard the reference but expect to in the near future. These are the best copper cables I have personally listened to with the Merlins and are also an excellent value at the price and my guess is much higher. I would audition these cables before committing to anything.

Speaker cables I am currently using the Miller Sound which are no longer being manufactured. These are supposedly JPS clones, can't comment too extensively on speaker cables though since there are many I haven't tried but these are also excellent cables.
I have a pair of ca 1960 Marantz 5 mono blocks rated at 30 watts. I will shortly be connecting them to Merlin VSMs with single ended BAM. The amps are placed next to the speakers and connected to an Audible Illusions 3A preamp about 2.5 meters away. Does anyone have experience with these amps or suggestions for wire and interconnects to achieve a little more neutral sound from these pleasantly warm and musical amps? Thanks. Tim