Best cables for Luxman

I own a Luxman M-600a series amp, C-600f preamp, D-06u CD player, Clearaudio Ovation with Tracer arm turntable, Kiseki Purpleheart cartridge, Shunyata Denali power conditioner with Alpha NR cable. B&W 802 series 3 speakers. Interconnect cables are Analysis Plus Silver, speaker cables Big Silver. I'd like to improve the heights. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
What do you have for room acoustics??

In general, people either have nothing, or don't pay attention to the flooring and space between/behind the speakers. They don't think it's a reflection point, but I've found this area critical for the high frequency smoothness.

Experiment with blankets/towels and pillows there for free, if you find an improvement, then invest in something more pleasing. :)
Thank you for the suggestions. I will experiment.
Look at Purist cables either used or new.