Best Cables for Linn

Dear Friends,

I need new interconnect cables for Linn gear, Kairn + Ikemi + Klouts. Used to have Linn Silver, but the 1.2M lenght was too long. Want to have shorter cables, 0.5M. My first option are to buy Linn Silver cable in bulk and use the Linn Silver rca connectors or WBT-0101. The other option is to buy finished cables from Cardas or Kimber, thinking on the Cross or Silver streak models, respectively. Any suggestion will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
The Linn Interconnects are really excellent with their gear. Very hard to beat for the price. Consider the Linn Silver in bulk. I've also had good results with Kimber Select (copper and silver), VDH First Ultimate and Wireworld Eclipse.
I haven't tried the silver because it was not out when I decided to change..I went with NBS and found it excellent.I have all Linn gear except cd player which is YBA..
I don't know about best, but I have heard Tara work well with Linn.