Best cables for Jadis DA88 Signature amplifier

after having Audio Research gear for over 8 years I jumped into Jadis bandwagon.

It is a little of experiment because I just sold two box ARC amplifier (LS25MKII preamp and VT100MKII power amp and switched to integrated Jadis (DA88S).

It may seems curious and look as step back, but I was a little tired of ARC sound. However ARC has its own strengthens as very well controlled bass and great soundstage it is also little less musical and involving compared to Jadis.

DA88S is a little slover and fat in bass, but it is also much more musical to my taste.

I have question what speaker cables will be the best ith this particular amp. I have Thiel speakers and MIT Oracle V4 speaker calbes.

Both Jadis and MIT are a little rolled off treble so it is not a good match in my taste.

I checked also Kimber selects 3035 (hybrid calbes).
I found top is more sparkling with Kimbers, but lacked a tight bass control of the Mit Oracle.

On my short list are:
Kubala-Sosna Emotion
Kimber Select all silver 3036
Purist Audio Design (Venustas maybe?)
Siltech the cheapest from Signature series
MIT Oracle V3.2
Jadis JD-1

Any suggestions will be warm welcome
During my Jadis years I used XLO and Purist.
I like the Kimbers myself but they should be auditioned with their Select ICs of same or better composition.
I have used Purist, Siltech and now Kubala Sosna Emotion with my Jadis equipment with excellent results.
Ive owned Jadis since 1995 when I walked into Brooks Berdans shop in Pasadena CA..Both monos and the famous Defy7..I wanted a quicker cable so right now im using Virtual Dynamics with great success...enjoy the Jadis,I think in the longer haul you will find it much more musical than the ARC gear.
Siltech are excellent match. They highlight yet complement the Jadises strengths--in solidity, weight, punch and musicality. If possible G5 onwards.
If you moved from Purist and Siltech to K-S I suppose that you have found K-S to be the better choice for your Jadis.
Could you describe the sound of K-S with Jadis?
I take this cable into consideration, but heard that they produce full and warm sound but a little lacking detail in high frequencies. Jadis seems to have rolled off highs also, so it is supposed to sound good with silver cables, but I can be wrongÂ…
I use the K-S with my JP200 preamp, but it is a little different than the normal Jadis preamp in that it uses EF86 tubes and thus is not rolled off in the highs as much as my old JP80 that used the 12AX7s. I suppose you could call the K-S a midrange balanced cable, though I believe that the "lack" of highs in the K-S is really a lack of high frequency hash and distortion--the highs are all there, just not highlighted or prominent. I unfortunately never got to listen to the K-S speaker cables with my old JA80s, which would have been a closer analogy to your integrated. I would say that the Siltech would work well, I used that years ago (the old, flat FT12, or something like that), but I would not rule out the K-S. Remember, to the extent the Jadis equipment rolls off the highs (and my 80s sure did), no cable that you use will ever bring them back! I'd suggest trying out brands you are interested in directly--either bring in your amp to a dealer or else go through a company like the Cable Company. Cabling really is quite subjective and you have to listen to it yourself before you can make the choice; I really like the K-S in my system, but others have different opinions on it.
Siltech and Stealth are the best matches I've heard with my buddy's Jadis DA88S
Stealth Indras are some of the most neutral ICs I know, but I'd stick with RCprince's advice. He is very familiar with the Jadis gear and -I've "known" him for a long time- has a very discerning ear, I find.
By the way, Milimetr, you're following the same path I did as well in coming to Jadis--I had an ARC SP-11 MkII and Classic 150 monoblocks for many years that I traded in for Jadis. It is a different direction, and each brand has its strengths, but it's clear from your post you made the same value judgments I did when I made the switch.
Hello -
I am using the Synergistic Tesla Accelerators with a Jadis Orchestra Reference and a pair of Dali Helicon 800s. The only thing that I can say is that I am having a problem trying to pry myself away from my new system. I am new to tube systems and own a lot of McIntosh equipment, but with the components I am listening to.... I have to step up and highly recommend the Tesla Accelerators. I have not heard anything better. It will take a few days for the Teslas to settle into your system, but it will seem that they just keep sounding better and better every day.
Enjoy your search !
I own Siltech for my Jadis DA50S and tried them as well with a pair of JA50s - great match IMHO.