Best cables for Denon DVD player to Denon AVR?

I'am looking for the best cables that can be a good combination with Denon in all diferent appications digital and analog signal (CD, DVD-audio, dts, Dolby Digital). Meaning a specific cable model for a particular signal.
Does anyone sugests Harmonic tech?
My system:
Denon AVR 5800
Denon DVD 3800
Vienna acoustics
Rel storm III
HT pro-9 speaker cable for main channel
The rest are monster cables that I intent to replace. Regards, Thanks.
For your CD, DTS, and Dolby Digital you will probably get the best results using a digital cable which will cause the DACs in the 5800 to be used instead of the 3800. I have a 5800 and its DACs are better sounding than most DVD players. For DVD Audio I think Cardas Neutral Reference would work well to connect the analog multichannel outputs of the 3800 to the 5800 External inputs. I have used the Neutral Reference with the 5800 before, and it is a pretty good match.

It is OK to hook both digital and analog cables up at the same time. Just set up the receiver input for DVD to a digital input and select the external input when you want to listen to DVD-Audio.
Would you recommend the same cables for a Denon 5800 and the Denon 5900 DVD player?
I thought Cardas were sort of lush sounding?
I won in an auction the Denon AVR5800 and I am going to try the cables I presently own- HMS Grand Finale, Acoustic Zen Silver Referenece and maybe some Electra glide Signature refrenece. All of these cables are Silver, so thats why I wonder about the Cardas (which I have never tried).
Ozzy, Neutral Reference is different from most of the other Cardas cables. It really is pretty neutral but has the signature Cardas midrange. I wouldn't call it lush, though. Golden Reference is advertised as neutral but is actually quite warm and rolled off. It is pretty lush sounding (as is Golden Cross). The amp section in the 5800 is a little bright, but the preamp is pretty neutral. I've tried AZ Silver Ref II between the 5800 pre-outs to a Rowland Synergy IIi and found it to be very bright. I suspect it would make the receiver overly bright when also using the receiver's power amps. Also, first reports on the 5900 DVD player have said it errs on the bright side, though I haven't heard it. You may have too many bright sounding components to use a bright cable. I'd bet Audience AU24 would work great, though. Neutral as all get out in the bass and mids, but a little rolled off in the highs.
Thank's for your comments.
I was planning on using the front Preamp outs to my Melos (tube) Preamp and then to my Krell KSA-250.
I am kinda of a cable nut and I have many other types avialable, such as Synergistic, Stealth,Audioquest, Electra glide, Zu,Z squared and others but no Cardas.
So, that cable may be next on my shopping list.