Best cables for Brsyton and maggie 3.6??????

Trying to get bryston and Maggie owners of which I know there are many since it has been a very popular match.Looking for this copmbo only so evejn if you have moved on interms of eiother piece PLEASE try to keep it to this combo and not what is working well with new gear.Price is an issue am not goimng toget Nordost Valhalla or probaly the best or rthaer should say most expensive of any line.Know matching makes a difference.I sold Hifi for a while at a small shop for a few years and had two very dissimillar lines in Krell and cardas.If speaker was neutral or brite I would reccomend to freinds (and cuctomers I liked) what would have pissed me boss of sice we had MIT and XLO and told them to tame Krell with Cardas but is not the brand I would rccomend with the Mac.not that IO didn't think Cardas could be cosidered a good wireat each price point (used ina lot of speakers internal worring) but rally did trick with zkrell high end and some metallic,"etched " mids that krell could exhibit with manuy speakers.l
So Wany help out there?