best cables and tweaks for Ayre


I own a D1x and K1x, trying to determine which interconnects (and power cables) would be best... Any ideas on tweaks are welcome, too !


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I've only had Ayre amps but know Ayre uses Cardas wiring, so you might want to start with those. I've used a variety of cables with the amp & it really comes down to personal preference but I've had very good results with Chris VH PC's and Luminous Audio IC's.

IMO, Ayre gear sounds best when XLR's are used, as they were designed as fully balanced pieces.

As for tweaks, I'm sure the D1x would benefit from some type of isolation. I use a Bright Star Audio Big Rock 3 and Air Mass 3 under my CDP along with some Herbie's Footers. I tried damping the chassis with weights but like the sound better w/o. I also used Herbie's Footers under my pre but am currently using a very small passive and found it best to keep a 4 lb. weight on it just to keep it from moving. I also modified my wooden rack by adding a lot of bracing & spikes, so now it is somewhere around 100 lbs. & can easily hold 300 lbs.

Lots of info in the archives re: tweaks, esp. at the AA site.
The best interconnects that I have found at the under $1000 (new) price point for Ayre products are Ayre's own interconnects. They are made by Cardas at Ayre's specifications. Over that, the Stereovox BAL-600 cables ($2500 retail) are amazing and that is what I currently use.

Regarding power cords, try Silent Source (from Walker Audio). They are what I use and are fantastic. They were recommended by a audio reviewer who uses Ayre as his reference products and tried numerous power cables and settled with the Silent Source cables. Ayre uses Cardas Golden Reference power cables in their in-house systems.

Finally, get the Ayre/Cardas myrtle blocks -- they really work.

Good luck!
Thanks guys for your insights.