Best cables and next upgrade for my system ?

Wadia 301 CD player (XLR or RCA)
Yamaha DVDS2300 Universal player
Anthem AVM2 processor (XLR or RCA)
Classé CAM-200 Monoblocks (3 front channels) (XLR or RCA)
YBA 1 amplifier (rear channels)(RCA only)
JM Lab Micro Utopia (main and rear)
JM Lab Electra CC901 (center)

I need cables for everything (speakers, interconnects, video etc.). Is there a specific make that would match well with my system ? Should I go XLR or RCA ?

What would be your next upgrade if you had my system ?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all
the wadia definitely sounds better ran balanced.
The Classe's are truly balanced as well.
Tell you what,I heard this TG audio cables they sound
very good to me,they surprise me, lets put it that
way,they bring the music out of the system,I was wondering
why they dont talk about this cable here at Agon,they are
not perfect, its worth auditioning them.