Best cables

Have Spendor S-100 speakers, Mccormack UDP-1 Deluxe, CJ ActII and MF250A. ? best speaker cables and interconnects to complement CJ sound -- pricey stuff versus cost effective alternatives?
what do you mean by "best" ? that is, what is your criteria for great sound ?
I have Spendor 1/2e speakers and have used the Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity cables with great results. I am currently using the CRL Silver speaker cables and they are working out great as well. I'm probably going to try the Purist Audio Aqueous and Virtual Dynamic Master cables next.

The Alpha Core are a great value. If you decide to try them make sure you get the integrated Zobel network. Versus the CRL cbales which cost twice as much the Alpha Core cables are just as good IMO, and have much more flexibility. I also have tried the Supra Swords and these run about $1000 a pair. Really great cable, but not that much better than the CRL and Alpha Core IMO.
I'm curious how you will decide which of the many different answers posted will be correct for you given the inevitable situation that not a single person has your exact system components and room acoustics.

Just wondering out loud.
For ICs, I just got a pair of the Mac (Myaudiocables) Palladium and its by far the best IC I've heard. Beat my APL Silvers and Luminous Audio Sychestra Reference, which I happen to think are good cables. I use all tube equipment, by the way. Speaker cables I recommend Luminous Audio Synchestra Signatures. They are the best I've had so far and not too unreasonably priced. Beat the Cardas Cross I had before that. Just my experience in my system, room, tastes, etc.
Try Virtual dynamics. They brought out the best in my system. I have tried lots of cables and Virtual Dynamics were the first cables that the sound improved. Bigger soundstage, bigger dynamics, and clarity. I started with the VD Master's about a month ago and plan on changing all cables. They have a variety of different priced cables to suit your situation