Best cable s for bottom end of a bi-amped system?

I would like to hear anyones opinion and/or expierience on what the best cables are to use (both ICs and speaker) for the bass section of a bi-amped system. The cables should be able to deliver tight, but deep, bass.

Here is what I have:
Wadia 861 with GNSC Reference upgrade
Bel Canto Reference 1000s to power the bass section of
Revel Studio (originals NOT the II)

I am using the RCA outs on my Wadia directly into the Bel Cantos. I want to know the best ICs in RCA terminations since I am using the XLRs to go into my Classe-CA400 for the highs and mids.

I currently use Audioquest Columbias for the ICs and Kimber Monocle X for speakeer cables.

I thank anyone in advance for their comments.
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I can't say they are the best but Virtual Dynamics cables have amazing bass impact....
also transparent ...
I have found that the most critical thing for bass cables is that they are able to transfer a lot of current to the bass driver, physically larger cables have an advantage here.
Try audiomettulgy cables, hand made & once again a hidden gem as their price point could easlily be 2/3 times higher.

they happen to be on a no reserve auction right now!

depending on the gauge, same ones you use for the top end
I'll second the VD cables for bass impact. They transfer a lot of energy, translating into lots of bass. However, you may very well run into system matching issues and uneven sound if you mix different brands/gauges going to the same speaker.