Best cable recommendations - help

What's the cable to use while listening to 180 gram LPs from Simply Vinyl?
Wow, I never thought of changing cables when listening to LP's of various thicknesses! Are you talking about phono cables, IC's between phono pre and pre amp, pre-amp and amp, speaker cables or power cables? Any or all? Would you expect to use different 'cables' for LP's thicker and thinner than 180 grams? Interesting question..........
Nate, are these 33 or 45 rpm?
I think you will find adjusting VTA for different thickness far more productive. Keep notes so you can go back to that sound when you play that record again.Z.

How can you expect us to help you, unless you tell us whether you are listening to side A or B?!

Give us the proper information in order to make an intelligent suggestion!
This is either a trick question or a stupid question. Go ahead, I'll bite.
Nrc...for Pete sake!,you know better than this. Or I thought you did. It would help if we knew your Utility Provider, do you rent or own your residence, do you still own the Harley and what type of food is in your digestive track between 4:00pm and 9:20pm. Also be good to know if your bodily resonant frequency excites your feminine side or masculine side and whether your dominant direction is East or West...hopefully it's not North or South. If it is, cables won't make a difference. Dump the 180 gram vinyl and wear bucking magnets on your chest.

Nate, that wasn't oregano you added to the spaghetti sauce in spite of what those guys told you.
Wait a minute. April Fools Day is still 7 months away. Seriously though, you'll need to change your cartridge fluid and realign the tonearm kablivit pins for the 180 gram records.
Nate, interconnect, speaker cable or power cord?

I change all three when going to 180 gram Simply Vinyl.
I do change my Digital cable.So I dont stop playing
my LP music.
I have spent a lot of time contemplating this issue. There seems to be no other solution than giving the time required. Cables are such fickle pieces of the system and so relucant to being altered or adjusted. On the other hand LPs are labor intensive and require much more care than other mediums.

When one considers the cost, it is simple to realize that the ingredients of enjoyment are rarely the same as the expenditures of the given system componants.

I realize that with all things audio there will be those who disagree, but they will really need to clairfy their position. I welcome thoughtful input and curtious disagreement.

As always your feelings are formost in my thought process.
Nate, you haven't been in a motorcycle accident, have you?

I've told you before, wearing the helmet is for your own protection.

Hope all is well,

John :-)