Best Cable Match for LFD LE III and Proac D Two

I'm looking for the best cables to use for my LFD LE III integrated and Proac D Two's. Price limit would be $500 and below for a pair of (bi-wired) 8 footers.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated...
LFD makes their own speaker cable. I would imagine it would be a perfect match for use with your integrated.
And I vote for the Proac wire --- cheap and excellent.
I have LFD Spiroflex wires, some Mapleshade Helix's, some 10G Blue Jeans Cables, and a few others. They all sound more or less the same to me. I hear others go on and on about nuances in cables. Just a matter of time before some knob quips: "..then your system must not be revealing enough." Anyone want to buy some cheap Everglades home sites?
Best cables ever: Crimson Music Link. Solid-core, British made, and hard to find. Should be right at your price point too. I've heard them on the LFD even, driving Harbeths. Bettered everything else, as they say. I use them in a Luxman/Harbeth combo, this after much trial and (idiot-expensive) error with lots of wire. Not many people know about 'em.
Davidmichaelaudio in Michigan and Austin hi fi in TExas are probably the only places stateside ...
Well I'm looking at "getting a deal" on a 12 foot pair of Kimber KS-3033's I'm sure it's gonna blow my budget out of the water but I'm waiting on the quote.
@Jabas: what cables have you auditioned them against and found they bested with the LFD? I currently have Analysis Plus Clear Oval's.

I pinged Austin Hi Fi for more info. Thanks for the tip...
Currently I'm using JPS Superconductor + to feed my ProAc with good results.
Ttorigin - thanks for the redirect to JPS. Looking at the Superconductor + Petite (8ft/$699 + opt WBT locking bananas). Added them to the short list...
Going to give the Grover Huffman cables a shot replacing my AP Clear Ovals. Mainly, because of his patented design and the copper/silver/aluminum fabrication. Not to mention a reasonable price ($384/8ft pair w/silver-plated beryllium copper banana plug termination) AND a 60 day trial period - really cant go wrong there.

for $500 below, the Analysis Plus Oval 12s are hard to beat.
I understand LFD makes a bi-wire version of their speaker cables, those are also nice from what i gather.