Best cable for short monoblock runs?

My blocks are elevated so that I only need 15" or even 12" of cable. I've done a lot of DIY experimentation with short and more conventional (2 meter) lengths and results suggest the composition and configuration of short runs may be more critical than long runs.

Probably my best short run results were with 4 - #24 bare Cat5 copper runs for each leg, spaced widely apart, like a fan. 8 wires total.

Your experiences, suggestions? Doesn't have to be DIY. Commercial is good.

I've tried Jon Risch's 89259 2 meter runs -- not too impressive, to be polite. I just ordered a 2 meter pair of Signal Ultra cable. I'll use long runs over that short 12-15" distance if results are superior. May as well put the blocks on the floor if I do.

I'm using DIY monoblocks now but have a pair of Clayton M200s coming soon.
There is no better cable than Anti-Cables. They are cheap, but simply get out of the way.
I used a pair of Cardas Neutral Reference with McCormack (modded) monoblocks and B&W Signature 805s, and was quite happy with the results. Neutral, indeed. I had previously been using Signal Cable, and the Cardas wires were a real improvement.
Stringreen, actually there is for short runs, and it isn't commercial. Cardas is just awful, if you insert it anywhere in a really revealing system. I know, because I tried it. Of course, if a person's amps throw off objectionable HF sounds....

I use very thin, .003" 12 gauge copper ribbons lightly wrapped in Saran Wrap to prevent shorts. The sound is thrilling in it's stage depth, and optimally realized bass and treble extensions.
Ribbon cables are a good solution. Two non-DIY brands that come to mind are Decware and Grover Huffman (which I'm using in a 2m run). They are both available in 1/2 meter runs, and longer if you decide to go that route.
Stringreen: I've considered anti-cables and will have another look.

Clio09: I've seen Grover mentioned frequently but I didn't know Decware offered cables. Mmmm...

Mural: 3 mils ribbon. I assume the 12 gauge refers to total cross section in the ribbon case so your cables must be wide-ish, which is not a problem. Your ribbon source?

Yesterday I installed 15" lengths of RG-8x, single lengths per channel and I think it may best everything else.

Obviously I'll have to try multiple commercial offerings and hope for a return policy. I've exhuasted DIY alternatives except ribbon.

I wonder how Al foil would sound? Probably ghastly.

Finally, what do you guys think about short vs long for monoblocks? Convention holds that shorter is better for SCs and ICs, but in this case long SCs allow for shorter ICs, which may be more critical. Not sure.

Also, curious about copper purity. What is the high-end standard, 99.9% -- or better?

Side note: 7 nines is the only way to get warmth out of silver. Anything less will be bright. Heard this?
See here:

Steve uses all silver. The Grover Huffman cables are a combination of copper and silver ribbons.

For copper I prefer Ohno Continuos Cast, but have had good results from other types as well.

Since I run balanced I'm using longer runs now. For single ended 1m would be my limit.
What is the standard purity of most high-end copper? 99.9%, or better?
Wow, a lot has past since I introduced the copper ribbon. I teased my 12 gauge ribbon from a Goertz 12 gauge ribbon inductor. It is about 2 inches wide, .003" thick, and all nines pure.

I use plain old Reynolds Aluminum wrap cut into ribbons for the return to the amp. Yes, aluminum sounds ghastly. The amp has never complained though. :-)
Interlochen - Most of AQ stuff is 99.9999% pure and some is 99.9999999% pure copper. Some manufacturers like Acoustic Zen in addition forge copper into hot forms (continuous cast) to prevent crystal formation (impurities reside between crystals). It has zero crystals (one continuous crystal) while standard oxygen free copper has about 2000 crystals per foot.
99.9% -- I guess I was slightly off. lol

I've been using 115 buck Signal's Ultras (7') and I'm not sure what to make of them. Not much break-in. Great bass and soundstaging. A little gritty, or revealing upstream problems?

I have a new #24 12 - wire construction. Sounds excellent -- well rounded -- and kind of groovy looking. Send me a note and I'll send pix if interested.

I take back comments about Risch 89259 twisted cross-connected cables. They're actually very good. I had some other problem while auditioning them (new outputs in amps).
Very interesting Kijanki. Very.

Mural: Al wrap for "the return"?? Do you mean negative side?
Do it the other way around, and you have trash to hear. The fact is what goes to the amp is grounded. There is absolutely no reason to give wasted signal a royal coach ride to the graveyard. I got the idea from my speakers. The bass ribbons are aluminum, and the music exits through, you got it, aluminum ribbon down the 5 feet of the speaker.
Easy. Guy one used MIT Oracle lll. Cut it in half & reterminate the new end. Exceptional...
I use a very similar configuration, very high purity copper, fine strands to mono blocks on a very short run 3 or 4 feet. I’m actually using quad wire from the BHKs 300 amps dual binding posts. (Mid/hi, bass, super tweeters and subs- each with its own run) I’ve run the wire various ways... bare, rapped in seran wrap, tubes , etc.

The set up sounds good -especially for a DIY situation.

But surprisingly, I recently put in the new Belden iconoclast speaker cables to try (I’m signing up as a dealer). The shocking thing is that the speakers were actually louder with these very low impedance cables than bare high purity copper.

The iconoclasts come with measurements of each cable created. I know Belden isn’t known in high end circles just yet, but  Galen Garies, an engineer at Belden Is an audiophile and convinced them to release his high end design based on measurable science.  The white papers are impressive as is the sound and for a very reasonable cost compared with other high end designs. 

Anyone that wants to hear these cables in their own system, PM me.... I’d love to get some feedback.