Best cable for Quad 988?


I recently purchased a pair of Quad 988 speakers and was wondering what cable folks think works best with these speakers?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
I used to own a pair of 988. I used Cardas Golden Cross through out. They worked splendidly. The biggest improvement was when I plugged the power cord to a PS Audio P600. The Quad's really benefitted from clean power. The bass became much more defined and stronger. Mids, highs, and soundstage also improved considerably.
I use Quad 988's and the best cables I have used on them so far is the Virtual Dynamics master limited edition.Before I used,Harmonix cables,a different presentation than the Virtual but still a true reference cable.I was'nt impressed with Nordost.Also I dont care what anybody says,get Sound Anchor to build you some stands to raise the speakers 12" from off the floor(huge improvement)well focused sound.Quads have been my reference for over 20 years now and I feel I know them very well(all types).Also ,good subwoofers add that extra dimension in sound(Rel,Rega and a few others).We can speak some more later.