Best cable for my system

Could you please make any suggestions which you think the best cable for my system? I am reviewing now Transparent, Wireworld, Cardus, and Kimber. Amplifier: Chord 1200B, Pre-amplifier: FM Acoustics FM155, CD Player: Luxman D-500, Loudspeaker: Eggleston works Andra My favorite music are mainly Jazz, Rock and pops. I hardly listen to Classics. I appreciate it very much if you could kindly explain in details feature of the above cables and give me your suggestion to my best choice based on that. Thank you.
I don't know what your price range is, but I have had good luck the Synergistic Research line. They don't emphasize any specific frequency (i.e. highs or lows) but tend to be very nuetral, open & airy sounding. Make sure you listen to any choice in your sytem. Cables sound different in different systems. Good luck with your search.
I recommended that you look at and try Stealth cables--email [email protected] for specific recommendations. I have 10 of these cables (counting power cords) in my Stereophile Class A system, and I've had lots of other "name brands", and Stealth blows them all away. You take no risk (except shipping costs) since they have a 30-day money-basck guarantee. And they're a terrific value for money.
I think that some of my favorite cables would work in your system: MIT 330 Shotgun interconnects, balanced if you can use them. For speaker cables, I don't know, without hearing them myself in your system. I HOPE ALL OF YOU USE ACOUSTIC TREATMENTS...