Best cable elevators for pc and speaker cables?

Sonic improvements? Thank you,
I would suggest that you make some elevators out of whatever comes to hand (coffee cups, toilet paper cores, chopsticks held together by rubber bands, whatever) and then listen. I have mine up on some homemate elevators but really doubt that I could hear any difference in an A/B test. Yeah I know, I need BETTER (i.e., more costly) ones :-)
Toilet paper inner cardboard tube. Upgrade is paper towel inner carboard tube.
Cut, paint.
No problem.
If you have to spend money to impress your friends.. Plenty of ways to do so.
Use the tee pee method for speaker cables and Styrofoam from packing material for IC's and PC's. You can cut and shape the Styrofoam to your desired specs. Leave them white or paint to match your decor. Simple and effective.
I made my own from antique glass insulators from power and telephone poles. I built platforms from MDF and cylidrical lengths of oak for the upright supports. I wrapped a layer of Dynamat around the ends of each oak post so that the glass insulators would not vibrate when placed over the oak posts. I use rubber bands to secure the cables onto the insulators. They look cool and do their job. Searching for and collecting the various size, shapes, and colors was fun too. Of course the blue insulators sound best!
Two words.... Tinker Toys
I went on one of the auction sites and bought some old antique insulators from telephone poles. They are ceramic or glass and kind of cool. Took me a while to find a set of all the same as well as having a groove type top. I believe they call them Mickey Mouse Ear type. Sonic improvement? Nah... I did it to impress myself.
Good luck, JD
Whether or not this question was a joke, it proves the anti tweak mob is alive and kicking!
Dayglow, I have a system-ful of tweaks. I just prefer the ones that work.
Dayglow,Do you think tweaks have to have an outrageous price tag to work?
Spend as much as the wife allows.

Cable elevation is serious business.
Why not move up to seriously high end elevators to really drive your system into orbit. I recently elevated my cables with the very best : Jenga, manufactured by MB. Mine are still burning in so i will reserve my detailed comments for later , but all i can say for now is ... wow!!
Until recently I used upside down yogurt containers (the tall ones) painted black but the upgrade itch got to me so now I have a better, more stylistic level of homemade elevators. 6" X 6" cuts off a board with dowel rods inserted into precision holes that I drilled in the wood. The finished product resembles goal posts.. The crossbar has plastic tubing over it to protect the cables. After the high gloss paint job dried I stood back and realized I reached the zenith of cable elevators.
I am impressed!
You need a logo, a story, and a glossy brochure.
Why Thank you Mike60. No doubt this new level of excellence will go down as one of America's greatest success stories!! LOL!