Best buys you've ever acquired on AG

ML Monolith III's, mint, as new. $1100
Grant Fidelity 534b SET integ- also mint, as new. $825 delivered from Canada.
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OHm Walsh 100S3s ("Super Walsh 2s") - $600
mhdt DACs - less than $500 each
BEl Canto ref1000m monoblocks - ~$3500, not cheap but a good value depending on what other similar units you consider

BEst Buys on Ebay

DNM ICs - less than $50
vintage yamaha receiver - $60 (needed a good cleaning)
Roku Soundbridge - less than $100
i just picked up a pair of minty perfect Aerial Acoustics 5B monitors for $1k here, and couldn't be more pleased.
Jolida 1501 RC integrated amp-mint $100
I purchased a large VPI turntable package (Scout Signature, Super Platter, Mini Feet, SDS, Dynavector DV-20XL, and Dust Cover). I already owned a VPI Scoutmaster so I cannibalized the package and resold everything that I didn't want. I had some issues with the cartridge which are being worked out with the seller and being retipped at Soundsmith right now. But, once I get the cart back, I'll have ended up paying right at $1200 for a VPI Super Platter, SDS, Mini Feet, and a 0 hour SS retipped (ruby cantilever/line contact sytlus) Dynavector DV-20XL.
best here:

Pathos Twin Towers RR - $2000


Acoustic Arts Drive 1: $999
Music Reference RM10: $350

best on eBay I MISSED recently:

Aerial 5's: $200/pr
Stellovox (Goldmund) Job amp: $225

pissed about those two! was away from home when I did not plan to be when auctions ended!

Tyler acoustics 7U speakers with Seas Millenium tweeter upgrade for $1400.00.Shipped from Hawaii to my home in Florida(a long journey).The seller paid half the shipping cost.

Rogue Audio Tempest II Magnum integrated,1 year old for $1200.00+shipping.
Fantastic deals IMHO.

Pro-ject Xpression
Shure Shure V 15 VxMR
Parasound zPhono
Pro-ject speed box

I kept the shure and the zphono and sold the rest for the same i paid which was a good deal to the next guy :)
When there were none to be had,and the wait was long,
a pair of Harbeth P3ESRs in redwood, 28days old, better
than 30% off list w/no tax and 15 miles from home showed up
here on the 'Gon. Three hours later they were on line and
are flawless!!!

Jrinkerptdnet, the subject title in case you may have missed it was "best buys" not best stolen deal! You go man!
still kicking myself for missing the Aerials and Stellavox!

takes a TON of patience to find the GREAT deals.



My best buys here on AG:

My McCormack gear: TLC-1 Deluxe, DAC-1 and DNA-1 Deluxe

Best buys on Craigslist: A sweet pair of KEF Q-90s and KEF 104/2s.

Best buys on eBay: Zu Wax speaker cables and Tannoy Mercury M1 monitors.

I didn't get great steals but paid around fair market value or a little below.

One day I hope to make one of those great deals or steals that audiophiles always have stories about.
Well Jeff, I guess it fits that a "ton of patience" is required to save a ton of money.
Rotel 1072 cd player for $175. A true giant killer if I ever heard one.
Tara Labs The One Power Cable, 6ft with original box and velvet bag... looked new. I got it here back in 09. I paid what he was asking.. If I remember right, it was 545.00. The average price for this cable back then was about 800.00.
Quicksilver Mid Monos......from a guy about 5 miles away.....only a little over a year old, mint and half the cost of new.....he was right, I would love them
Many CD/SACD (s) at great prices!
Walker Talisman $75.00.
Apogee Centaur (the middle model) with the optional bases. Paid $100. The guy traded them in for a lower model Paradigm floor stander because he was tired of moving them around due to their weight and size. Dealer didn't want to mess with them so they called me and asked if I ever heard of them. I couldn't get to the guys house fast enough. They were in great shape. Enjoyed them for year or so and later sold them for around $600 I believe.