Best Buy Speakers at Best Buy under $1500pr

For anyone that has any experience with speakers sold at Best Buy, any opinions on which bookshelf speaker would be best value for my musical preference of rock and blues? I listed some below:

KEF Q350
KEF Q150
B&W 707 S2
B&W 607
B&W 606
Klipsch RP-600m
Elac Uni-fi5
Any others?

Thanks. Don't think they sell these JBL at Best Buy. I'm centered on Best Buy because I may be able to buy at a discount from there.
  Best Buy sells JBL. If they don't have that model you might be able to order them. Good luck!
The KEF Q350 are a great, fun speaker - I prefer them to the LS50 as they are much easier to drive and have better bass.

Not familiar with B&W I'm sure there's a winner in there but for stand mounts the Q350 is a great option and well under $1500.