Best Bulk Cable

I'm looking at making my own power cables. I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinions on the best quality bulk cable and appropriate ends. Would you use different gauges of wire for various components? This is what I'm planning on using the cables for:
Pass Labs 350.5
Pass Labs X5
Theta CB3
Oppo BDP105
Rel Stentor
What do you think?
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Kimber, VanDenHul sell bulk cable for home projects.
I'd purchase Kimber for speaker wires and VanDenHul for interconnects.
I was looking for ac/power cord recommendations not interconnects.
Google Neotech ac cable. A few places sells this pure OFCC cable in varying gauges, either copper or silver. Have used for years with great results on solid state and tube gear.

I've built a bunch of power cables. Here are some choices you might consider.
For amps I have used Neotech NEP-3001 & Furutech FP-Alpha 3.
For source I have used Neotech NEP-3002 & NEP-3003. For source I suggest shielded, for power you can go either way.
All the Neotech cables listed above are shielded, the Furutech is not.

I've tried various AC terminations but have settled on Furutech FI-11 for male ends, FI-11G for slightly warm and FI-11R for more neutral. The blades are plated copper, gold or rhodium. I like the price to quality ratio on these plus they're heavily built and the cable clamps are not wimpy.

For IEC ends I don't use the Furutechs because the wipers are plated brass and I attempt to minimize brass from the electrical path as much as possible. Try the Iego TI2000 8075 rhodium plated or TI2000 8085 gold, both models are plated copper available from They are in Taiwan but ship fast. Iago also makes solid silver terminations if you want to get exotic.

Any of the above combinations will give you a premium power cable but requires some work and patience especially the fatty cables 3001 and Alpha-3. The smaller thinner cables are much easier to work with. Make sure everything is hooked up correctly with a volt meter before using and enjoy. 8^)
"For IEC ends I don't use the Furutechs because the wipers are plated brass and I attempt to minimize brass from the electrical path as much as possible???"

I use FI-25 plugs. They claim to be gold plated phosphor-bronze (85% copper).

Even so, you would need to replace the IEC sockets since most are tin-plated brass.
The IEC sockets in my amp and power strip have been replaced with Furutech gold plated copper sockets. My AC outlets are also copper as are the outlets in the power strip. Haven't changed IECs in DAC or transport because of potential warranty issues.
Belden 19364. I also like the DH Labs stuff, but it can be difficult to terminate because of the large overall diameter.
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I'll agree wholeheartedly with the IeGO plug recommendation but the 8095 rhodium over silver plug is way better than the gold plated 8085 or rhodium over copper 8075. It is both more extended on top than the other plugs with greater air and detail and incredibly smooth as well. The gold seems truncated and bloated in comparison and both are quite opaque compared to the 8095. I also like the neutrality and detail of the Oyaide 046 and combining the 2 on the same cord is my favorite combo. As to wire, I have made a couple of truly excellent power cords using 3 and 4 runs per pole of the Mundorf wire listed on Ebay coming out of Taiwan. I can't verify its authenticity but hell, who cares when the price is right and the results are so fine. Said power cord with indicated plugs is quite detailed and airy but never sharp or aggressive. Actually, using one of these cables takes the edge out of a bright (midrange bright) system. The cord produces a nice sense of body or image density and the sound is "present", not recessed but not up front either. Image outlines are nicely defined or focused but, using 2 of these cords in a system may reduce focus compared to some; not indistinct imaging, just not the razor sharp imaging of some cords. Keep in mind though that you'll need to get some tubing as well as the wire is bare and go with the 1mm (18gauge). Good luck and below are a list of some of the power cords I've had over the last few years. I've sold all of these in favor of my homebrew cables as I like mine better for resolution, transparency, and musicality. Good luck.

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I can't argue with your statements, all true.
However, there are several reasons I tried building DIY cables (although this type of activity is usually not my thing).
1. I enjoy the actual process of building the cables as well as gaining some insight into what is required.
2. Researching various cable and terminations. There is a mind boggling number of both available.
3. Combinations of cable and terminations that would otherwise be unavailable from most commercial sources.
BTW: If a project is beyond my limited capabilities (ICs that require silver solder), I purchase the materials and turn them over to a professional.
Thanks, I may give the Iego 8095 a shot. I've looked at them but never purchased.