Best (budget) way to get Coax/Toslink true Digital Output from a laptop

I have read various threads and would love to tap in to the collective knowledge base here.

Setting up my "budget" office system here and will be using either Dynaudio or Meridian Digital Active speakers (not new, or even close too) .

I am looking (if possible) at ways to get a digital signal from spotify, tidal, etc directly to the speakers from the laptop. I know there are devices out there, some expensive and some really cheap. Also what about using an HDMI extractor? is that a good way ? pure digital?

Only looking for 2-channels here - no fancy surround stuff needed.

Thanks in advance four input

I’d just use USB and be done with it. If you want to take things up a notch, run the USB through one of the decrappifiers from W4S, iFi, amongst others.