Best budget universal CD/DVD player?

Hi, I need a very inexpensive, reliable player(if there is such a thing,;^), for all formats. What are the current choices? Thanks for any input you might have. Cheers, Lee
What's inexpensive, to you.
I just ordered the new Marantz DV 9500-I'll let you know. Keeping my fingures crossed.
Swampwalker, unfortunately right now I'm talking cheapo.
Have you been following this thread?:

"DVD/CD Player Under $600"

- Eric
as an owner of the 9500 I think you will be pleasantly suprised. I have owned the 83 and 8300 and it is clearly a better machine.
Spindrifter- Still need to quantify your $ requirements. Right now, Denon 2900 stock unit sells for $500-600. Assume that there are cheaper, as well. What do ya got ta spend?
Universal Players don't do everything great. The Denon DVD-2900 is about as reference in PQ in this price range however the SACD is abit of a disappointment, taking nothing from the 2900, CD Redbook playback is good. DVD Audio seems to be very good. I guess that's why there are so many mods for this unit, such as Exemplar and many others. However the Marantz players are better on audio and a disappointment in DVD PQ (I can not say that about the 9500, I picked the 2900 over the 8300 over this). Geesh think of what you'd get if the same company shared there different sections. I think that Denon and Marantz are probally the Batman and Robin with strengths in different areas. If you're needs are more Video, then by all means the 2900 is a ferrari, no layer changes and very fast menu navigation. If you are used to Faroudja then DVDO may be a bit soft but after a month of viewing it will be great. If you needs are more Audio and you don't mind the CUE or can't spot it get the Marantz model. Winner both ways.

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