BEST budget system. What is yours?

Here is mine:
NAD 3020 Integrated Amp (Completely restored, recapped and serviced to factory NEW specs)  $235
Onkyo C7030 CD Player  $199
Klipsch RB-61 II Speakers  $329
Blue Jeans Cables  $100

Total - $863

A lot of sound for less than a grand.  :)

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NAD 372 integrated:  $50 at swap meet

Onkyo C490 (?) cd changer:  $150 new

Kicker 6000 outdoor speakers: $80 new at Costco.

I listen to this far more than I do to my main rig, cuz I have it on whenever I play with my dog and/or bbq.  So pretty much every day.   Killer sound on the cheap.

Cables are all freebies or whatever.  Total: $280.