BEST budget system. What is yours?

Here is mine:
NAD 3020 Integrated Amp (Completely restored, recapped and serviced to factory NEW specs)  $235
Onkyo C7030 CD Player  $199
Klipsch RB-61 II Speakers  $329
Blue Jeans Cables  $100

Total - $863

A lot of sound for less than a grand.  :)

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Vintage NAD 3020 $5
Vintage Rega Planet $50
Project Debut Carbon with 2m Red$60
Infinity 4000a Speakers $40
Morrow low end cables for about $100,Phono, speakers and 2 pairs of Rca cables.
Marantz 2220B $20
Technics SL-1700 with AT 14s cartridge $50
JVC XL-Z1050 $25
ADS L470 $50
2 pairs Older MAC AgQ sound pipes and WE 16gd speaker Cables for about$60.