Best budget speakers for a Fisher X100 amp

I have a fisher x100 I just got up to snuff. I also have a technics TT.

The only speakers I have now are a set of Harmon Kardon HT10s that I found at a thrift store.

I want to pick up a decent set of speakers and so far I have been looking at

polk r30 - $100 a pair
polk r50 - $140 a pair
used cambridge sound works model 6 <$100 on ebay.

I also have decent wood working skills and could build a cabinet from plans. Is this a good way to go.

I would like to spend $200 or less on a pair of speakers that would suit this amp well.

I listen to classic rock and new alternative rock like radio head, white stripes, STP, etc.

Thanks alot
Polks won't cut it.
Spend about $165 on a pair of Fostex drivers, you can download lots of design ideas on line and build some high efficiency or horn loaded cabinets.
You can find them for $250 to $350 pr and they will suprise you
Snell E II

You can find them for $250 to $350 pr and they will suprise you
what are "them"?

Definately DIY. You will get the best match for your amp that way.
Get 16 Ohm drivers that imitate the extended range d130 JBLs and the compression horn 075 tweeter with a crossover at 2400 Hz. Put them in a simple bass reflex box without the tuned port and you have a classic match for an EL84 7868 or 7591 output tube integrated.
When using the original 030 driver package in a typical c38 enclosure the efficiency is rated in the mid to high 90s Db/W/M. I own two pairs of such speakers and do solemnly swear they are more efficient than my 104 Db/W/M Vintage Klipsch La Scalas.
You won't be able to buy original JBL or Altec drivers for $200 but there are good much less expensive copys easily available. The 16 Ohm speakers are found in the pro audio section of speaker supply firms.
Look up the originals on the Lansing Heritage JBL website. The models are C38 and C36 also called the Baron and the other I forget but you will see these drivers used in a number of the vintage JBLs that tweeter is the original bullet horn tweeter. The extended range woofers are found as a separate grouping from the driver suppliers.
Unless you buy Boutique SET targeted speakerss you will find it tough getting a pair of 16ohm commercial speakers I don't know any. That tube integrated was intended to be used with 16 or even higher resistance speakers.

Thanks for the info. Although Id have to take a look but Im pretty sure my amp has 8ohm taps on it.
I'm sorry My post wasnt clear.

SNELL E II's They will be the best non DIY speaker for your price range. that will work well with the Fisher
those snell look pretty good. im gonna keep my eyes out for a pair and get them.

i like the idea of the fostex but I don't have anywhere to set up a table saw right now. maybe in the future I can sell the snells and build anything I want.
really can't beat the csw 6's for the price.