Best Budget Silver/Silver-Blend Interconnects?

I found myself tapped after investing in (used) Legacy Classic speakers, MIT MH 750 Plus speaker cables, McCormick DNA 1 amp with upgrade, Monarchy DAC (and DIP). I knew my MIT TMAX interconnects were stunting performance, but even used I couldn't find any silver or silver-blend wires I could afford (my budget for a 2 meter pair, and 1 meter pair: $200).

I read lots of great reviews about Better Cables Silver Serpent II (with Bullet Plugs) and so gave them a try.

Better Cables says don't judge until after the 30 hour break-in period, but after five hours they had me entranced. Today, after 15 hours of listening I can't believe the quality of sound, even on Sirius channels from my satellite. Full, deep musical bass, delicate highs and a rich midrange.

Silver Serpent II is my choice for the best budget interconnect cables.
Mike Sanders of Quicksilver makes a 1 meter pure silver IC for $100. 30 days to decide if you like it. I use his ICs for my pre amp to amp connection. These ICs are not voiced for rolled off electronics. I was worried about that, given the reputation of silver, but his IC is very neutral. A killer cable at a killer price. What do you have to lose? What could shipping be on this little baby. I've had it in my rig for about a month. After, I get my new tubes I will have an even better perspective. warren :)
I recently bought a Homegrown pure silver IC. Very reasonable price. I like it so far. Very neutral, uncolored.
The Quicksilver speaker wire looks interesting. I've been looking for short length silver cables for home theater use, and they have a 4 foot pair for $495 (I have a pair of B&W DM 620s I use as center and "presence" speakers). Their link:

I did forget to mention Better Cables shipping is free and they have a 30 day return policy.
DH Labs BL-1 with Eichmann Bullets are what I use and like very much. It costs 3.25/ft. for the BL-1 and $40 for a set of Bullets.
Thanks for the feedback.

Link for Homegrown:

Link for DH Labs:
TG Audio all the way. On the used market, an outright steal.
Was on this road few months back. Ended up with GROVER ULTIMATE REFERENCE cables. $150 for 1m. I really like them. No personal experience but some compare it to $1000 range cables. You can read more on head-fi or if you google. Good luck!
The Alpha Core Micro Purl Solid Silver at $127 (1M RCA) new is a steal IMO.
If you're DIY capable at all then the Chris Venhaus silver IC's are very nice. They're also easy to make.