Best Budget RCA cables

Hi guys,

What is your go-to budget/inexpensive RCA cable recommendation ($30-$50)? Would there be an appreciable difference between this interconnect and $6 Kabeldirekt cables?  The Kabeldirekt RCAs sound pretty great to my ears!


@213runnin - I don't necessary agree that all interconnects in a system need to be solid core.  Granted, that would be the best solution, but even just having one solid core is better than nothing.  I would recommend this at the last point before the amplifier to "drive" the final sonic signature of cable charge/discharge characteristics.

Another comment.  Some of these interconnects use a much larger 18awg solid-core conductor (such as Signal Cable or Beldon 1694 from Blue Jean).  I have done a lot of R&D with solid core and have found that when conductors are larger than 20awg, then you start losing high frequency detail and clarity.  The larger-core conductors would be very good for a subwoofer cable as the larger solid-core awg will convey much more power in bass notes.  However, it's a fine line.  I found 20awg to be the best all around.  With 22awg and smaller, it will still work, but you start losing bass/midbass impact.

Thanks for the thoughts guys! People love Signal cable. 

@lalitk to answer your question - I'm not really solving for anything in particular, just futzing. My speaker wire is 12 AWG Auvio brand I got on deep discount from a closing RadioShack. It was a noticeable improvement when I got it. And the Kablediretk ICs were a noticeable improvement from whatever crap wires I had laying around. So... I guess I'd just have to try something new out!

If you shop on E-bay, you can find audioquest ICs and speaker cables highly discounted off retail.

I believe you can find AQ Sidewinder or the Copperhead ICs and Type 4 speaker cables within your budget. The earlier version of Type 4, lacking the braided sheath, often come up for sale and can be bought very inexpensively.