Best Budget Phono Stage for Clearaudio Emotion?

I am a newbie into the wonderful world of vinyl (Thank you David). I have just started building the system. I have a system that is currently set up for HT, but am adding a turntable to the mix. I currently have a Marantz SR6400 with Kirksaeter Prisma 210's for the front and rears and a Kirksaeter Center. I do also have an APC H15 power conditioner. I will be replacing the receiver in the future to something more analog friendly. I have decided on and will be ordering very shortly the Clearaudio Emotion CMB package that comes with the Maestro Wood MM cartridge and Satisfy carbonfiber arm. I need a good phono stage that will not break the bank. Based upon many threads I have read, I am liking the Cambridge 640P. However, Clearaudio offers the Nano at about $100 more. Is the Nano worth the difference or are there other options at the $300-400 range. Any help is appreciated.
It is a moving magnet cartridge so your choices are many. (Doesn't have to be the quietest kid on the block since you don't need a lot of gain like you would with a Low or Medium output Moving Coil.)

A used Dynavector P75, PS Audio GCPH (lots of convenient features, or a Lehmann Black Cube would all be good choices and will survive your inevidable upgrade to the next level.

I have owned the 640P, the Black Cube (twice actually) and had a long term loan of the P75. My favorite in the price range is the Graham Slee Gram Amp 2SE. An amazing level of detail presented in a smooth and very natural fashion. It is a breakthrough product from an engineer that really goes about things differently.
Thank you so much for your help. I am still intrigued by the Clearaudio Nano. The online reviews seem positive but I have not seen many posts about its capabilities. I am still curious about this one if any one has one or heard one.
I am leaning toward the Graham Slee, but what are the thoughts on the Musical Fidelity X-LPSv3?
I owned the original X-LP with both the Ault high current power supply and the MF X-PSU high current power supply. It is almost not relevant, as there have been several generations since, which is why I did not mention it before. What I can say is that is was impressively cohesive and liquid, very balanced and with good dynamics, the focus was a bit soft but this was a fantastic tradeoff. It was one of my favorite cheap phono stages and I preferred it to the Black Cube both for its fluency and for the excellent dynamic envelope, so the V3 would be a great stage to check out.