Best Budget Interconnect for MMF-5,XLPS & Jolida?

Does anyone have any advice for the best budget interconnect for a setup consisting of Music Hall MMF-5, Musical Fidelity XLPS and a Jolida 102b? Thanks.
I was using Van den Hul interconnects between my MMF-5 to Rotel phono pre-amp to Jolida 102b w/excellent results. If you can find some used Audioquest "Crystal" interconnects that would also be a fine choice. Bill
watch the actions. Especially the closed auctions. Take your time. you will see some interconnects going consistently for more money. don't ignore them. If you bid low, and lose, you might get an Email from the manufacturer in a couple of weeks, offering the same product for much of what you bidded for it. weird. I am getting a lot of this. do check out this guy isi for real. cheap, too.