Best Budget interconnect cables for cd to preamp

Looking for the best buy for the money new or used interconnect cables for a Cambridge Audio 640 CD player to a Cary AE3 mkll preamp. Looking for RCA 1 meter length or .75 meter. Oh yeah, and I would like something in the $100 range. There are so many on this site, I'm lost and most of them are several hundred or much much more. Thanks Rich
The Speltz Anti-Cables are one of the biggest bargains in all of audio. I have or have tried almost all the big guys (Nordost, PAD, Cardas, etcd.) and this IC is competitive and is not shamed by any of them. Use these IC's in my BR system, and happily.

Vampire wire CCCII. 1 meter of continuous cast copper cables runs about $57.00. Call Sound Connections. I may even have a spare set for a bit less, email me if you want.
On the AR, I have an extra set of NOS Acoustic Research Pro Series VIDEO cables that I never used with my home theatre. I know it would be tacky to tie 1 of the 3 cables off, but any reason these couldn't be used as Audio interconnects, if for no other reason than for comparison sake???