best budget integrated amp for rock n roll music?

--creek 4330
--cambridge audio a500
--audio analogue puccini
--audio refinement complete
--rega mira
i have B&W 302 speakers (small bookshelf type) and play cd's mostly. usually rock -- Dylan to Mission of Burma/Husker Du/Aerosmith -- some jazz and classical. opinions? other suggestions? thanks, ken
LFD MISTRAL SE ($1,495)...I have heard 'em all and the Mistral is by far the BEST integrated available for under $5,000.
Dear FS Audio,
Please read the thread in Misc Audio titled "A question concerning ethics".Unchecked commercialism at this forum is a serious concern to most of AG's community.
I've heard the Mistral and think it to be a fine product, however your post can only be read as self serving commercialism.If you have some actual helpful advice based on your experience ,please share it. However when you stand to gain monetarily from outlandish, ridiculous tripe as your unrealistic claim for the LFD, you do this site, the product, the companies that supply you and yourself serious damage to credibilty, usefulness and reputation.
Thank you.

Ken Lyon
A couple of used suggestions :

1. Mission/Cyrus 2 with optional PSX power supply. I had one of these in England and it was extraordinarily powerful with real driving bass. Detail is not sacrificed, though. Cyrus 3 with PSX is equally good but more $$$$$

2. Audiolab 8000A or 8000S : also powerful, but with less pronounced bass than the Cyrus amps. Maybe slightly more refined.

Both are well built and will last at least 15-20 years (my Cyrus2 is now 15 yrs old and going strong). Hope this is helpful.
I have heard the ARC Complete with your speakers in a dealer showroom and it was a synergistic match. If you can't do a home audition, this may be a safer option.
I also have recently purchased the ARC Complete and like it.
However, if you are on a budget and you can arrange a home trial, I would suggest trying an NAD integ amp.
I have an old NAD receiver, and while the ARC is definitely better, if I carefully adjust the tone controls on the NAD I can come closer in sound than the price difference may indicate.
Mr. Lyon,

Ok...Here we go ;-(

First, could you please explain to me why it is ok for you to promote your Neuance Isolation products in these forums, but not ok for me to do the same for a product I represent? Just as you feel that your product is the best around, I feel the same about the products I represent (see below for a more in depth discussion of this). On a side note, my dad and I auditioned your platforms at CES2001 and were VERY impressed, as they easily bested other similar products that we auditioned.

Second, I should have qualified myself as a dealer for said product, it was not intentional as I assumed that folks reading would be able to click on my user name and realize I was a commercial user. I apologize and will directly state my dealership status in the future.

Third, the Creek was right up there with the Mistral as far as sound quality is concerned, but we couldn't pick up both lines and in the end the Mistral had more appealing cosmetics to us. So there, I said something good about a product I don't sell ;-)

Ok, those things being said...Rant mode on:

A quote from the thread you mentioned from the Audiogon staff, "In summary, Audiogon DOES require users with financial interests in audio to register as a "Commercial User", and this status is displayed when a forum participant's Username is clicked. However, it is worth keeping in mind that Audiogon is indeed a marketplace, and that EVERY user's advice could be suspect. While we do try to "label" some users as commercial in nature, let us not forget that virtually everyone here will spend money or collect money for audio products - sooner, or later, or earlier"

Father & Son Audio is registered as a commercial user and of course we have something to gain if someone were to purchase an LFD Mistral integrated. However, this is the issue that you are missing...You CANNOT make the assumption that just because a dealer of a given product is touting it that they are evil and cannot be trusted. Did you ever contemplate the fact that the dealer may be stating an opinion that he/she truly believes in?

My claim concerning the LFD Mistral, which was judged inaccurate because of my dealer status in your infinite audio wisdom, is just an OPINION. How is your statement that my OPINION was "outlandish, ridiculous tripe as your unrealistic claim" any different than my claim concerning the LFD Mistral.

Furthermore, what is your basis for stating that my claims are "unrealistic" when we are in fact dealing with a purely SUBJECTIVE topic? IMHO it is the best integrated under $5,000. But that is my OPINION, if you don't agree, then that is fine. The statement is simply an OPINION, nothing more, nothing less. The poster asked for OPINIONS and that is what I gave. Just because I am a dealer for said product, it does not mean that Kbinner has to purchase that specific piece. If he is like most of us, he will obtain a short list, listen to all of them, and purchase the one he likes the most, in his OPINION.

Your concerns are valid, but cannot be applied in such a blanket fashion to all dealers. Yes, some dealers pick up certain lines not because they sound the best to the dealer and hence may not be the best for the customer, but instead because said product has the highest markup. Every product that we sell is in our humble OPINION (i.e., SUBJECTIVE) the best in it's class. I am trying not to turn this into an advertisement, but I feel like my integrity was directly attacked in your post.

...Rant mode off.

I apologize if this seems like rambling and somewhat emotional (it is), but I feel I had to defend my business and myself.

If you wish to discuss this further, please send me an email, as I don't want to clog up this thread with any off-topic discussion.

Thanks for reading and best regards.

...Mike - Father & Son Audio